The New Dark Knight has landed in NYC...can you find him?

Calling all citizens of New York City! You are under the protective watch of the new Dark Knight!

DC is bringing Jace Fox to New York City, announcing the upcoming release of I Am Batman # 6 with some amazing posters done by Taurin Clarke (Icon & Rocket: Season One) scattered across the Big Apple. You can scout out these posters throughout NYC from now until February 16th–but they’ll be hard to miss…at 6 feet tall and 8 feet wide, they’re the perfect spot to take a selfie with the new Dark Knight! Want a little help tracking all the posters down? I got you covered:

Use this handy map to find all the posters in NYC (marked in blue), as well as some local comic shops (marked in orange). This book not only celebrates the very first Batman of color, but also the first time that NYC has been the Bats’ home in an ongoing Batman series since 1941…talk about a comeback! :batparrot:


If you live in NYC, your time to join the hunt has come–get out there, and snap some pics of these amazing posters! Happy hunting, Bat-fam!


I’ve seen one near St. Marks near the theatre where they have Stomp


I don’t live anywhere remotely close to NYC, but…this is a pretty snazzy bit of marketing.

I also haven’t been reading I Am Batman, but with #6, I’ll give the series a whirl.

Thats a LOT of posters. Getting stressed out just thinking about who had to take care of all of these lmao