The new batman movie

So I saw teaser for the upcoming the batman movie and they cast Edward from twilight as batman, wth are that thinking? Affleck was a horrible choice this time is a massive mistake choice I will not watch this new batman what do ya’ll think

I’ll admit that some of the casting choices seem strange, but I’m willing to give Pattinson a shot. The last of the Twilight movies was released back in 2012, so I would think that he’s grown beyond the role of Edward Cullen. Having seen that little teaser myself, I think that the movie is off to a fairly decent start, and I’m looking forward to its release.

I messed up ment to say I’m not going based on past rolls but it seems like they are throwing casting roles to the wall hoping it sticks he looks to Terry McGinnis Bruce Wayne is older more filled out I mean I’ve herd batman compared to Bruce lee before but this is to real

It’s hard to form an opinion based on a seconds-long test footage. I think it’s best to wait until the film is released to understand the story and context

We need to form opinions based on first-hand information. We need to see things in context. Without that, we’re doing the film and ourselves a great disservice.

I mean can you deny that there are much better choices for the role i mean its bit left field with Affleck and this choice don’t yeah think

Pattinson was the best choice. He isn’t the teenage-wannabe vampire from his younger days. He’s grown up now, and he’s trying to depart from his former roles and do more serious stuff.
So I am confident in that particular casting choice. Not so much, Andy Serkis as Alfred. I love Andy, he’s my favorite actor. But he’s not Alfred.
Really need a Robin in this movie. Even for a moment.

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Play boy Bruce sure bad ass batman not so sure I only got through with ben Affleck as batman because it wasn’t just him Pattinson on his own has a 80% chance of being just like Affleck as dare devil or alba as invisiblewomen ( best comparison I can think of ) idk I think there just not even trying anymore look to cast people who need to get back in the spotlight again

Just like with castings of the past, I would say wait and see. People hated the casting of Keaton, Affleck, Ledger and in my opinion, they all did a great job. Pattinson has grown as an actor since twilight, and I think he will do a great job to.


To be honest keaton never a doubt tim burton did amazing job and I compare every batman to that amazing work ledger was amazing joker ( R.I.P ) in fact if you mix his joker and nicolson you got the perfect joker Bale was good the dark story line but glade not a recast maybe find someone we dont no they got something to prove and would do a good job

I hear what your saying. Pattinson could be great or not so much. We’ll get to see in a little over a year.

Let’s put it this way would a batman movie bomb or be good with Affleck after seeing him in justice league and batman vs superman honestly the branding was to much in my opinion ( aka this is all my personal opinion I’m listening to all of yours too ) bale made good for the darkness storyline glad they didn’t push it to far had a good twist to it could have done without the catwoman thalia triangle tim burton 2 films wear amazing val and colony meh enjoyable not the best could have been better great soundtracks um adam west nothing like the original not my taste but give credit wear its do I’m just having a hard time with Patterson I’m afraid they will go with manbat or vampire references to it the trailer had that vibe to it you know idk ( remember the fast n furious storyline changed after Paul passed) its still a long way off pilot is unknown so yeah

I wouldn’t worry about that stuff. Matt Reeves is gonna take it seriously and do it justice :wink: Pun very much intended.

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Lol idk I get vary involved in what I’m watching lol its like I live it as I watch I get the humor the intent behind what and they they do ( exp actions make sense later to most but me I get it as it’s done ) idk its gonna be hard not to see Terry McGinnis when see watching Bruce Wayne yeah know I think that the batman movie this should be with that trailer and how he fills out the suit or I cursed us all by calling attention to it. Lol

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I take my Batman seriously to lol. Lets sit back and enjoy the lead up to the first stand alone story since Rises! Should be a fun time and a great build up.

Do we know if we are getting another justice league movie? I’m only seeing single members movies, also will that cameo in infinite earths play in the flash movie? Lol

I don’t think we are gonna see a Justice League movie for a long time. Which is okay with me. I love what DC is doing with stand alone movies and letting the directors make their own movies rather than a shared universe.

I’m asking if we get the leagin of doom as we saw in the ending of justice league I can’t wait for wonder woman 1984 the soundtrack will be amazing and looks great

I don’t think any of the storylines set up in JL, like legion of doom, will continue.

I’m just saying we saw lex meet with slade at the end of JL wanting to start the leagin