The Milestone comics: Do you want to see them on DCU?

I’m not overly familiar with the Milestone imprint (aka the Dakota Universe) line of books so I would be interested in seeing them here.

I know of the Milestone characters from:

-The tiny bit of the Static Shock TV show I’ve seen (I had no idea it was a DC show when it aired on Kids WB)
-DC merged the characters into the DCU in 2008. When Dwayne McDuffie was writing Justice League of America is when I had my greatest exposure to them
-an issue each of Superboy and Superman: The Man of Steel that were part of the Worlds Collide 90’s crossover

In 2015, there was talk of a new line called Earth M. It was to consist of OGNs (original graphic novels), mini-series and one shots but it appears to have been put on the proverbial backburner.

So, what do you think of the Milestone imprint (including your favorite titles and storylines) and would you like to see those books on here?


Forgot to mention the New 52 Static Shock series too. That was another point of exposure for me and I vote to see it on here also.

Milestone might be a bit tricky since those characters are not owned by DC but by the original creators including the lat Duane McDuffy. I think this is part of the reason why big revivals keep falling through.

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That’s true, come to think of it. Hopefully DC can get everyone together and enable amiable deals for the creators so these characters can further endure in new books and collections of classic material.

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Yeah, DC wants to continue using the Milestone characters (the Earth M imprint, Bendis wanting to include Static in Young Justice) but there’s currently legal dispute involving the legal estate of Dwayne McDuffie that’s making that impossible right now.

I’d love to see more of them, though, whether new stories or seeing the classics on DCU.

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Thank you for creating this thread, @Vroom! Will keep an eye on it to share with the team :slight_smile:


I miss Dwayne McDuffie. Putting it mildly, he was a tremendous talent. His work on the Milestone stuff (even if I haven’t read it yet, I know it’s good because he was involved), Justice League Unlimited, Justice League of America, and more (I think he wrote the All Star Superman movie) is unparalleled.


I vote for Milestone. I never picked them up as a kid, so I’d love to see them


There’s an episode of AMC’s Secret History of Comics that featured on Milestone in depth and had interviews with Denys Cowan and others.

Has anyone else seen it?

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I’d like to see milestone comics here. Maybe they can get their own special section. Same with vertigo and Watchmen related stuff.

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I would love to see the milestone comics I own physical copies of all of The original milestone run on Static comics and find them to be very good so yeah it would be awesome if they added some of them here

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Loved Milestone! Especially Hardware.

I would love to read Static comics on here.

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I want to read Static & Icon, so i would be up for it.

I thought these characters weren’t being used because of how bad the NEW 52 static comics was, normally i give anything i read the entire first Arc but that was so bad & not coherent that I had to drop it at issue 2.

I keep hoping for static to get his own series again or even a mini, but I guess not if it is because of legal dispute.

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Allengundam the Static new 52 series makes more sense if you read the original static milestone run

I’d like to see some of them…as already noted here, Static is pretty timeless, and Hardwares themes have certainly stayed relevant.
Blood Syndicate, not so much. Loved it at the time, but its use heavy use of then-current slang and emphasis on edgy violence while staying in that eras version of a PG rating is pretty much a fool proof formula for being dated and hokey a couple of decades on.

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Bigtime yes! I was such a fan of Icon &Rocket and especially Static! Their comic book series need 2 be added 2 the DCU app library 4sure…


I was so glad 2 see that those characters were added 2 the YJ series! I remember how eagerly i waited 2 see the Milestone characters get added 2 the DC universe in comix and how disappointing it was when DC and Milestone had their falling out resulting in the characters not joining as they should’ve been able 2. How great 2 see those issues start 2 get resolved by seeing a Milestone presence in this new show! Let’s keep it going by adding the comix 2 the app library! Milestone represent!

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I love that DC is creating more Imprints! Makes it easy for some people to get into collecting. I plan to get everything DC Black Label.

Also everything from Geoff Johns imprint.

Bendis imprint is cool too, Wonder Comics has some interesting titles coming out.

There’s that level of self containment. I wish DC could make alternate earths series like what they’re doing with the imprints, but keep the alternate earths stories self contained for continuing purposes. Sort of like how Marvel had the Ultimate line, there were only a handful of ongoing titles with their own continuity, and it was great until they sabotaged it. I know DC is doing their Earth One series as original graphic novels, but I want more.

I kinda want a DC Ultimate line.

Yes, I would love to see them on here.

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