The Main Man In Krypton Season Two!!!

Who else is excited to see Lobo in Krypton Season Two?


I’m SUPER pumped to see what they’re going to do with one of my favourite characters!!!

(…and grateful they left out the tacky Iron Cross. That was always hard to look at…)

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Frag yes!!! I hope he brings space penguins! Man Krypton is such a rad show season 2 coming Jack!!!

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Gene Simmons?

Lmao that is nothing like Gene Simmons

Yeah I’m looking forward to Lobo on the show too

I’m looking very forward to the new season just because I love the show and the Main Man! By the way is there a date for when Krypton comes to this app? Cameron Cuffe already announced it was a while back but no date mentioned.

I will start watching Krypton just for the simple fact we get a live action Lobo, The Last Czarnian wow!! The Main Man… just wow!!

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Personally, I can’t wait!

I am VERY excited!!!

When does season 2 start? I may have rewatch season 1 because I missed a bunch of the episodes

TBH I’m probably going to start watching the show just for Lobo.

Damn, they got Rob Zombie! Oh, that’s Lobo. No, it’s not. Lobo needs to be jacked.

I really dig the look of this live action Lobo! Sadly, i dont have access to syfy so ill be watching Krypton as the seasons drop on this service. Basically just always be a season behind. Still cant wait :metal:t2:

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I got Season 1 for $1.99 an episode on Prime Video.

I get everything for $1.99 an episode on Prime Video.

Never been a time I wasn’t excited to see the main man. Live action on one of my favorite shows, absolutely I’m fraggin pumped.

When does season 2 come out? Anyone know?