The Live Action Shazam TV Series: What Do You Think? (SPOILERS)

Now that Shazam is available here in HD, what are your thoughts on it? Have you seen the show before or is this your inaugural visit with Billy, Mentor and the World’s Mightiest Mortal?

I’d seen a few episodes before via the Warner Archive DVD series set. It was fine for a 70’s live action kids show (not that it takes much effort, but Shazam is a far superior effort to anything from Sid and Marty Kroft) and fun, but I never got too far into it. I feel the best TV production involving Shazam is Justice League Unlimited, and that’s just one episode.

I watched the first episode this morning and thought it was fun for what it is. A Danny Bonaduce-esque kid is coerced into doing things he knows are wrong just to hang out with other kids. Thanks to Mentor and Billy/Shazam, the kids end up seeing the error of their ways. The main kid that got everyone else in trouble has puffy hair. Those 70’s perms…

Anyway, what do you think of this show? Are you revisiting it or coming to it brand new because of the surefire hit movie coming up?

Let’s talk the World’s Mightiest Mortal!


I will probably check out a few episodes later this week, or this weekend.

I do remember watching this show back in 1974, when I was 12. I remember seeing several episodes from at least two of the three seasons. I also remember that one of the actors was replaced at some point, probably taking over the role in season 2.


As you said, it was very much a 70s Show. And very much geared towards telling moral, yet fun stories for kids. I was kinda surprised it ended when it did, considering how Saturday morning shows tried to “teach” as well as entertain. I do admit after being reintroduced to the show now (I was 4 when it originally ran), I do like the John Davey Cap more than the Jackson Bostwick one. He seemed more relatable. And Joanna Cameron as Isis was always delightful to see. I wonder when DC Universe will bring the Isis show on here? Those were fun too!

Macjr, it was Captain Marvel they replaced. Jackson Bostwick got hurt during filming. His doctor recommended taking some time off to heal. The producers thought it was him trying to get a better contract, and replaced him with John Davey. The producers found out Bostwick was legitimately hurt, and they paid him his full contract. Personally, I liked Daley better as Cap. Bostwick was really stiff in the role.

Is there an episode that goes into Mentor’s background and why he goes by that name, or is he just Mentor the whole series and that’s that?

@csidet1971, yes, I had know it was the actor who played Captain Marvel (I often leave things to others to figure out on their own), and after I made my above post, I made a visit to Wikipedia and read a version of the story you just posted about. I do remember it was a sudden and unexpected change. It was hard to get used to the new actor at first, at least for me.


@Vroom In the comics, Uncle Dudley Mentor

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I get why I liked reruns of it as a kid but now… damn!

@MH, thank you. I was not aware of that.

This show was a significant part of my childhood (alongside companion show Isis), so I must admit to seeing it through nostalgia-colored glasses. I get warm, fuzzy-flavored giggles while watching it now. It makes me reminisce about playing superheroes in the backyard with the neighborhood kids, and all of us shouting Shazam! at the top of our lungs in hopes that a certain magic lightning bolt would somehow single one of us out.

I must respectfully disagree with the OP on one point, though - though I liked his JLU appearance, for me, the best representation of Captain Marvel is in the first season of Young Justice. Misplaced is a gem of an episode.

It’s very 70s, and very educational! If you over look both of them you get a good show to watch. After getting a lesson from Captain Marvel I almost wish he would end with saying," And knowing is half the battle!" I liked it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Quite enjoyable! Getting ready to start season 1 episode 3. :zap:Shazam!

I have never seen Shazam! (to my knowledge it has not been streaming anywhere till now which is real cool) but I had a watched Isis before. I would be lying if I said that Isis held up well (I never saw it as a kid but as an adult in the 21st century it was… well… what it was) but I found it charming enough I watched it. It was good turn off your brain television. So since I saw that I was always curious what Shazam was like but as far as I know it was never streamed anywhere like Isis has been.

So I finally got a chance to check it out thanks to the awesome DCU. I have a feeling I might not watch every episode of a 70’s kids show so I watched the first episode then went to season 3 to see what it was like near the end of it’s run and ended up watching episode 4 of season 3.

But myu thoughts of it… maybe I just got two good ones, but I thought it wasn’t bad. It was about what I expected given what I knew about it and after whatching isis. And It is what it is… a 70’s morality kids show, so hardly changed my life. But as someone said for a live action Saturday Morning show it was better then most, including Isis in my opinion. Although seeing Isis in the season 3 episode was a nice surprise, I knew she was on Shazam just like Captain Marvel was on her show, but didn’t know that would be one of them.

It had some of the same flaws Isis did, for one the criminals are so grossly outmatched by Captain Marvel watching it as an adult it was hard to take it seriously. I spent the entire season 3 episode saying, “They robbers got Mentor? Well you are Captain Marvel and Isis and those two aren’t even armed… just go over there and grab them!” and the acting was just as bad (although honestly Billy and Captain both were better actors then the girl who plays Isis).

But it was fun for what it was. I always liked shows about protagonist who travel around helping strangers under extenuating circumstances. So I like that aspect of it and it was stilL Captain Marvel. The morals obviously like all shows that did that back then were very over simplified and obvious. But Filmation always did that kind of thing well and while they are cheesy now, I kind of disliked that kind of shows with a message for kids mostly went away. Some kids don’t have parents who care of parental figures and while “don’t try to undo a bad deed with a good one” is not the most groundbreaking advice, it’s possible for some kids Captain Marvel was the only person who ever told them that… so at least someone did. I get why those shows don’t work now (who knows how well they truly ever did), but kind of a shame.

I don’t know if I will finish it but I might check some more episodes out. For what it is it is good stuff and seems it might be the same mindless simple escape Isis was for me.

So far it just keeps reminding me of Pumaman

♪ When, you want, the flavor of bacon in a dip ♪

I too grew up on this show! I watched it every Saturday morning as a young child! Course, I am a little bias, since I was fortunate enough to become close friends and now represent Jackson Bostwick, the original Captain Marvel from the show.

I can tell you this, he and I are excited that DC Universe decided to remaster and start streaming the series! Kudos to you!

With that said, if you are ever surfing the net, and come across his website, stop in and say hi! He loves hearing from the fans! Everyone have a great one! SHAZAM!


This was appointment tv when I was 9. I’m ambivalent about watching now in case it doesn’t hold up which I’m sure it doesn’t. I can’t remember Captain Marvel having a bad guy who posed a threat to him, kinda like the live action Incredible Hulk tv show.

I watched the first episode last night. I’m 55 so I ate up this series as a kid, along with The Secrets of Isis, Superfriends, and Scooby-Doo (can we get some of those Batman crossover episodes here on DCU?*). It was very nostalgic to see it again. Enjoyed it and for the first time, realized Michael Grey got away with being a normal kid for having such an abnormal head of hair. LOL The night before I watched about half of the Wonder Woman '77 pilot too. Man, it felt like I was a teenager again!

  • Also last night I searched “scooby” on here and discovered he shows up on an episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. I’m late to the BTBATB bandwagon, so I’m enjoying getting to see episodes of it finally on DCU. What a fun episode! And I’m old enough to remember Batboy and Rubin too. I was genuinely shocked when I saw them opening the episode, wondering if they could get away with that. But obviously they did. Then I remembered MAD Mag is owned by WB. Duh. But I’d enjoy seeing more Scooby here, at least when he and the gang team up with Batman (The Brave and the Bold … hint hint nudge nudge wink wink)
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Scooby was in an episode of Batman: The Brave and The Bold? Jinkies, I don’t remember that. Which episode was it?

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I was watching episode 13 today, does anyone know if this was a whole episode? Most shows are 21 minutes and this episode was 12 minutes. I was wondering what happened to the first nine minutes of the show.

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@Vroom, it was a second season episode, towards the end of the season, featuring Bat-Mite. Here’s the DCU link to it.

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