The Joker Film and What It Could Mean For Other Out of Continuity Films

After seeing the first trailer, I’m excited to see the upcoming Joker film. Now let’s say the movie does really well. Let’s say it’s another hit for DC movies. My question is, what do you think this does for upcoming movies not necessarily set within the DCEU?

If it does well, I’d love to see a movie here and there that does its own thing while still having films set within the DCEU. In fact, a good example of this would be the current animated movies. They usually release three within a year: two in-continuity movies with a Justice League and a Batman, and one out of continuity movie which ranges anywhere from a Bruce Timm-verse style movie like Justice League vs The Fatal Five or Gotham By Gaslight.

My only concern is I’m not sure how you’d convince audiences to get behind something like this. And you also don’t want to have one bad movie make executives change their minds a la what happened to the Star Wars story spin-offs after with what happened with Solo.

I still want my DCEU movies because there’s so much that can be done with them and I’m eager to see what’s coming up, but if we can get cool stuff like this Joker movie, too, then I’m all for variety.

What do you think?


Personally I’m a huge dc fan but I’m going to boycott the joker movie and not watch it I seen the trailer and it seems they made joker a bully victim that has a eating disorder they should have just kept Letos joker least he actually made the joker look right and I really wanted to see that joker Harley Quinn spin off that they canceled

@ thefallen50.35122 Joker being super thin is nothing new. He doesn’t have a eating disorder. Second him being a “bully victim” is almost always part of his backstory when he has one (See The Killing joke)
Lastly the Joker and Harley Quinn movie is not cancelled

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I like Joaquin Phoenix and I think hes gonna do a good job. I honestly kinda wish they replace Letos Joker with his Joker in Matt Reeves Batman films if they have the Joker.

But I wouldnt be surprised if Reeves took the franchise in a whole new direction. What he did for The Planet of the Apes Franchise was underrated I feel like, he provided a new and fresh story/feel while remaining true to the source material. Im sad it got delayed.

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@Smashguy96 Just wanted to let you know I removed a duplicate comment for you.


@Smashguy96 Well said!

As @Smashguy96 being a bully victim has been associated with The Joker before, and with a lot of super villains in particular Batman Villains, being bullied is a recurring theme with his rogues gallery.

And I don’t get the eating disorder thing. As Smashguy also said, he has been portrayed as thin for a long time now and I saw the trailer multiple times and I never got the impression from anything on it that Joker was going to have an eating disorder. I would be shocked if that is actually a plot line in the movie.

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Individual stories like the Joker movie are what WB Pictures currently plans to focus on so I imagine we’ll see more movies like this one.

@smashguy 96 that’s not what many sources are saying here’s a example

@thefallen Here’s the problem with that link given…no sources have been cited. Anytime you see “according to sources” that’s a red flag. If there had been an official statement or if it had come from anyone involved in the production, then that’s a different story. This site and many who have been reporting on the alleged “cancellation” are really speculating. At best the movie is probably on hold until they see how Birds of Prey does. You never know, maybe it will get made, maybe it won’t, but as of this moment it’s a little early to declare the sky is falling and taking the word of click bait.


@BeastBoy Thanks I didn’t mean to post a duplicate comment

Well since Leto moved on to marvel I don’t see it happening

He can still do both. It’s not illegal. Djimon Hounsu was in both Shazam and Captain Marvel this year. Leto was recently asked if he would return and he said he’d be open to it, provided there was a good script and availability. It’s really up to those in charge what happens from here.

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I’m excited about the Phoenix’s Joker movie more for what it represents than what it could be since well back in the Nolan days I always thought WB could make real hay in the CBM genre by making smaller budgeted movies about lesser known characters and teams such as the Creature Commandos, King Faraday, and any version of the Unknown Soldier. A slate like as proven by SHAZAM and JOKER would allow WB to build the DC brand at lesser cost, various creators and actors to scratch their comic book itch, and us fans to see personal favorites come to life with as little studio interference as possible hopefully.

So while I’m not as over the moon about JOKER as other DC movies because I’ve already seen enough Scorsese movies and I’m no big fan of Phoenix, I want it to succeed to open the door for other smaller stake DC adaptations.


I don’t have a problem with a joker movie when it’s done right and by someone who respect the role but it’s not done right and Phoenix basically only agree to do it as long as it’s just one movie like he’s only doing it to add a notch to his acting belt which is disrespectful to the other actors did it cuz they wanted too

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All I’m saying is, give the movie a chance before judging it. You never know.

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