The Jason Todd Tim Drake hybrid of the Batman animated series was a travesty


  1. Tim Drake and Jason Todd are both complex three dimensional characters and integral parts of who Robin is. They are also incredibly different and mashing them together filled out the best parts of each of their personalities.

Honestly just the overall lack of representation for both of them, especially Timmy, in all the Batman movies, animated or otherwise, is just appalling.


Tim Drake in The New Batman Adventures was really Tim in name only. He had way more in common in terms of background and personality with early, pre-DITF Jason, and is actually a pretty faithful adaptation of such. I’m pretty sure they just changed the name to Tim so people wouldn’t keep expecting him to die.


Yeah, Tim and Jason are two separate people. That is why I pretend that TNBA isn’t part of Batman the animated series.

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Well, there is a good reason for the lack of Jason representation, the fact the character was dead and nobody was asking for him to come back. Nobody cared about Jason when Btas was on air, he was just the Robin who died.

And him becoming the Joker was stupid. Tim deserves better.
Especially because a bunch of general audience people think Tim becomes the Joker in main continuity