The injustice series

Just got done a little bit ago with the injustice, gods among us series and my god was it really good.
I’m a huge fan of the games (especially 2) and their story’s and I’m glad these are prequels because I was always interested and confused about what happened to some characters.

The writing and art in it is top notch and some storylines are really captivating that I wish the games would of took advantage of it more.

And next is the injustice 2 series which I’m excited to get deep into because one of my top 3 favorites is in it…SUPERGIRL.

If anyone knows any really good story’s like injustice Let me Know!


Did you read year one , 2,3,4, and5 i jst got year one complete edition cant wait to start it.


I haven’t read it, but I am well aware of what happens in the books, and it ties into the games nicely.


Honestly my favorite story Arch. I was thinking they should make it into a cinematic universe, but people would be too confused. I think one movie that’s similar to this plot is Brightburn have you seen it?


This is similar to what Zack Snyder wanted originally but it was at the time deemed too dark