The importance of “Future State”

Okay. It is official. At least for a good long while, Future state is going to be the last retcon DC ever does. Everything is important. The good, and the bad. What’s your opinion on this?


From what I understand, it’s not retconning anything – it’s giving a glimpse into a possible future and hint at what a lot of these books will be doing in the next year or more.


I’m really excited for this! As for the good and bad, there’s been so many instances where bad stories retroactively become amazing with a new writer adding their own take and new material so I definitely prefer that to the tabula rasa approach DC has had up to now. The characters are allowed to learn and grow and it’s so much fun getting to go along with them for the ride!

I think the key thing that’s always important to remember is to not let the bad stories define an era. I think that Rebirth and New 52 had a lot of issues with more long-term fans focusing on the bad that comes out at the start. Every era has it’s bad moments, so it’s important to focus on the good parts. Especially at the start when writers and creative teams are just getting a handle over the characters and stories they wanna tell. Don’t expect perfection from the get-go. Allow for them to grow into their shoes a bit. I think that DC has a very bright future based on the information we’ve been given from Future State and Infinite Frontier.


Sad thing is though is that I love the new 52. It’s how I got into comics.


I doubt it will be the last DC retcon. The current industry only knows how to do
big events and retcons. Their toolbox is rapidly going empty.

I hope that is true, but questioning if it won’t be the last retcon like after Blackest Night was going to make future deaths permanent. They definitely need to take a break though.