The Huntress Love Thread 💜

I have to agree with @cyberbatgirl that Helena is more Bird of Prey than Batfamily, but I haven’t read enough to be an authority on the subject.

I first ran into her when I was reading Batman stuff back in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Recently, I enjoyed the backup feature with Helena Wayne in Wonder Woman comics. I was sad when that went away.

By far my favorite was the Birds of Prey Helena, particularly Gail Simone. Such good stuff by one of my favorite writers.

I also loved her in the movie. Mary Elizabeth Winstead did a fabulous (fantabulous?) job. I wish they had made a sequel.


I’m halved on that? I consider her worthy of the Bat Family title? But, she works with her own set of rules.
I really love all of her solo stuff. But, I guess Batman/Huntress Cry For Blood if I had to pick a specific storyline-& of course No Mans Land.
Specific era…I love the 80’s-90’s era. However, huge fan of Joelle Jones & I love what she’s doing with Helena.

I like her solo, not paired. I think that’s why I was drawn to her originally. Got one of the roughest starts to life possible. Yet, still refuses to even let Batman tell her what to do or pigeonhole her into what he thinks she should be? That’s admirable for someone who needs the help. But, only if she can do it her way.


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  1. :thinking: I guess so, I’m going to say yes on this, she’s like a female version of Nightwing. And in the short lived (sadly) TV series Birds Of Prey she’s related to both Batman and Catwoman!
  2. Probably Batman & Robin Adventures #19, cause it was the first time I’ve ever heard of her. :slightly_smiling_face:
  3. In my opinion I really like the idea that she’s related to Batman and Catwoman, cause I think it makes her alot more interesting character.
  4. I definitely would like to see her team up with Hawkgirl, like the @moderators, I think they make a great team.:slightly_smiling_face:

And there you have it.



I know a lot of people like her teaming uo with The Question from the JLU cartoon. Did you enjorly that pair-up at all? Did you still like her as part of the Birds of Prey team?

And I’m going to go with your 4th pic as my favorite of the images you shared. With the 5th one being a close second :heart:


I really enjoyed that version of her in the Birds of Prey movie! Admittedly, have some mixed thoughts on other aspects of that movie (I really did NOT like how they used Cassandra). But I enjoyed the movie overall


I actually loved her & Question in JLU!!! Those were some of my favorite episodes by far!! I don’t mind her paired up? I like her & Nightwing, Question, of course all the BOP etc. I just see her as a solo female Batman type, but not Batgirl, cuz Huntress will go further.
Great choices on the images lol, those are my favorite 2 pieces too.

Also, I’m speaking solely about Helena Rosa Bertinelli but I love Helena Wayne too. If she was my favorite version? Then no doubt Earth 2 hands down favorite read. But Bertinelli is my Huntress even tho I love both?..Ty for the discussion, & for highlighting my 2nd favorite character!!! I’m about to logoff for my moms birthday celebration :champagne:…so I just wanted to give u a heads up. Feel free to post me, I’ll respond asap next time I’m online. Great stuff, great thread!!!


I hope your mom had a great birthday!


There’s more than one to me so I’ll answer these for both.

  • Wayne is a part of the bat family, Bertinelli is more like a family friend, I don’t know if the mod is related or not. I’d have to ask.

  • I loved Wayne in New 52. I really liked the ending they gave her. Bertinelli appeared in a little story I may or may not like called No Man’s Land (NML). I love the Fear of Faith storyline that features her heavily. It’s one of my favorite NML stories of not my favorite.

  • I prefer Wayne but see them as two separate people entirely. JLU huntress was amazing as well as new 52, NML, BoP (show and book, haven’t seen movie).

  • Wayne and Powergirl are great together as friends/cousins. Wayne and Damien was also good. I liked the story where she met Russian Batman in Convergence and her relationship with Thomas Wayne and John Grayson in new 52. Bertinelli and Question were cute together in JLU, also love Bertinelli and Black Canary as rival/friends.

“That story sounds good! Anyone know where i can learn more about that? Friend of mine read that recently and said it was life changing. Best book ever!” - Some anonymous person who looks like this → :disguised_face:


All of your statues are amazing! :heart:


I only mentioned pre-New 52 Bertinelli-Huntress stories in my previous comment. That said, the Huntress story in Lazarus Planet: Dark Fate that was released back in February is definitely one of the best modern Huntress stories. It captured Helena’s drive and inner voice very well in a small amount of pages.



No man’s land

Birds of Prey


Hmmm… Not really. I’m more familiar with the Bertinelli version, and most stories I read featuring her depicted Helena as an outsider who was more vigilante than hero. She’s also been completely absent from a lot of modern Bat books I read except for “Bat fam” group shots.

I get that Helena Wayne would be Batfam… but she’s always been an alt universe character to me. I haven’t read the new stuff by Johns.

I like the general costume theme/aesthetic (black, purple, crossbow, crossed lines) for Huntress with her stomach covered.

My favorite Huntress appearance is actually her team up with the Question in a JLU episode (Dinah and Ollie might team up in the same one?). I’ve never really liked her in comics or live action tv shows…


I get why you wouldn’t like live action adaptations of her. The only version I genuinely liked was the “Birds of Prey” movie, I thought she was good in that.

Care to elaborate why you just never got into her regarding comics?


She typically does her own thing with the best superhero team ever.


Fun questions! Huntress is one of my all time favorite characters!

I definitely consider her part of the Batfamily, though definitely the outskirts because of her lethal attitude and “doesn’t play well with others” approach.
Favorite story and era is the Gail Simone Birds of Prey. Simone took her on such a great journey from darkness to light, and I still think it’s one of the best achievements in comics. I do love Rucka’s Cry for Blood, but that’s part of what I consider her downward spiral.
I enjoy Dick and Helena as a romantic pairing. Helena and Catman is ok, but I feel like it was stuck in an unhealthy place. I don’t know if I have an OTP for her. In terms of friendships/partnerships, I do love her in the Birds of Prey with Dinah, Babs, Charlie, and Zinda.


She was fine in the BoP movie, I suppose. I didn’t really like the movie, but she wasn’t the reason.

I never got into her character because she always just seemed like a character that creators tried too hard to make cool and edgy. She also had a kind of antagonistic relationship with characters I like, but not in a good way. She just tends to rub me the wrong way.

I sometimes like characters with similar traits, so I don’t think it’s just one thing.

To answer the pairing question I apparently missed, I’d say The Question, since that’s the episode I liked (could be romantic or platonic). Definitely not Nightwing, lol. Catman… eh. I don’t remember what happened there, but I recall it being built up/teased and then… eh? I might have skipped parts though.


I really haven’t read much of this version. Are you saying you wouldn’t consider Helena Wayne Batfam either? I figured the JSA version would kind of be like Jessie Quick to the Flash Family.


I do not consider her Batfam partly because there is no real Batfam on Earth 2. There we just join the Justice Society.


I consider her batfamily and I also consider her batfamily on earth 2 on earth 2 she called our batman uncle in earth 1 batman thinks she’s a part of his family I think it was hush where he said something about it but I have read so much its hard to place some things
and as for the new huntress also yes she is from a timeline where she is our batmans daughter so she is what she is even if she doesn’t know it