The Heroes That Deserved More

There are heroes that need to be remembered, whether they be from comics or real life. People who did amazing things and sometimes, payed for it.

For example, Isaiah Bradley: The man who should have been Captain America.

Isaiah Bradley is a Korean War veteran who was unwillingly subjected to human testings of the Super Soldier Serum in the 1950s. A survivor of the trials, he was assigned by the United States military to eliminate Winter Soldier in South Korea, although he failed, still saved countless lives… After the government feared the ramifications of an African-American super soldier, he spent three decades in prison experimented on by the U.S. government and HYDRA. In the 1980s, he was freed and was relocated to Baltimore after his death was faked, during which he raised a grandson. At the end of Falcon And The Winter Soldier

What heroes can you think of, be it personal heroes or characters, but just people that suffered and yet inspired change and something better.


Alex DeWitt will always be one of my favorite characters in comics. Her needlessly cruel death hides the fact, that above all else, she was a hero in her own right, and that she really doesn’t get the respect of being seen as anything more than a unfortunate love interest.
She and Kyle were a team, he’s doing his hero thing while Alex would be getting his pictures out there, so the world could know he was the new green lantern. Her dynamic with him was interesting because Alex was shown as more readily apparent on what to do more than he did. She basically helped him become a hero.

This is spoilers for circle of fire, but I love that in that story, it shows how important she was to his life. Coming back as a green Lantern in a possible future he imagine where she was given the ring and not him. A dream he created because Kyle saw her as a hero. It’s a shame, I would generally had been interested to see that in a elseworld series because Alex as a green Lantern was awesome.

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