The Green Guys in Animation

DC Comics has done an excellent job in it’s writing and storylines of Young Justice. Young Justice is one of my favorite shows. My questions are why can’t we get more character development for J’onn J’onzz (The Martian Manhunter)? Why can’t the Green Lanterns be more powerful warriors? Why is Green Arrow a knock off Batman? Why is Killer Croc one of the least used of Batman’s rogue gallery? Why can’t these characters get more screen time? How do you all feel about the Green Guys in DC Animation?

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Napoleon it ain’t easy being green. On Killer Croc, I like it better when he’s the internally tortured monster than just a mindless monster. Think you can do a lot with that character

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Thank you for the topic, @Napoleonfw.22197! I’d love to hear what the forum thinks of these colorful heroes and villains. To help get a little more attention to this thread, I’ll be moving to the General section in just a moment.

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MM really depends on what kind of story, the outsider or the one craving acceptance.

There are soooo many GLs you need each to have an Achilles heel. They get plenty of coverage.

Batman took from Zorro, GA from Robin Hood, structurally the characters are very much the same. Given the climate, I’d like to see them have GA be more political. The turbulence of liberal GA and a more conservative Hal Jordan always makes for interesting stories.

Killer Croc is a thief. The only real danger is the actual fights. They need to smarten him up to make him a better rouge.

Poison Ivy gets plenty of screen time, mostly for her relationship to HQ. However, she has become 2d be always being the eco/terrorist. She needs some different intentions on occasion.

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@DeSade-acolyte I wouldn’t say that the GLs get a lot of coverage. I’ve been pretty disappointed with the lack of new Green Lantern content lately. Hal Jordan is in one monthly GL book, Jessica Cruz WAS (might still be?) in a monthly JL book, and John Stewart is in a twice-monthly Justice League book. Guy, Kyle, and Simon are currently absent from any comic books. Makes me wish the animated series would make a return. Or any updates on the Green Lantern Corps film for that matter.