The Future of DC Digital-First Comics

DC comics is making a decision to focus more on digital first comics in 2021 and with DC universe becoming DC infinite, what ideas, initiatives or comics will come out of digital-first comics that might interest you.

I’d love to see a “Brave and the Bold” type series where less popular heroes and characters who rarely interact get to be showcased and work together.


I think a rotating series that takes a look at a character that doesn’t have their own series at the moment would be great. One issue could focus on The Question, the next on Frankestein, the next on Jonah Hex, the next on Voodoo, the next on IMAC, the next on Hawkman…etc.

For a tie in you could make it all appear as though it were stories from The Daily Planet. After all, they must cover the world and not just Metropolis, right?

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I would love a series like that. :slight_smile:

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That title used to be called Showcase :yum:

As other have mentioned, I’d love to see some anthologies (bring back the Adventure and Showcase brands) and team-up titles. Also, the Digital First titles should be considered canon, but feature a loose continuity (similar to how the old DC Comics Presents worked).

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