The Flash Season 7

I just realized that The Flash season 7 is on Netflix and I’m excited. I do have a few problems though and that’s the fact I will have to see two of my absolute least favorite characters again… I gotta say I hate Nora and Iris West with a passion they both annoy me to no ends, and slight controversial opinion but Barry could do way better than Iris.

Edit: Another slight problem I have are the crossover episodes. They are not bad but I hated having to look up where the 2nd part of the episode is. They should’ve put where to find the next part in the credits.

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Season seven is a mixed bag, I’m afraid. Because of COVID, least seasons final few episodes are the first few of this season, then we get some strange filler episodes. I will say it’s worth it for the two-part finale though.

I hope it’s good, excited to see the few good characters they have in the show though.

Are you talking about the crossovers across the Arrowverse in general? Because season 7 didn’t have any

In general it was slightly annoying how they were all over the place.

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OK, that’s definitely a fair point, especially considering you have to have 2 streaming services to watch all of Crisis on Infinite Earths