The Flash’s (Barry Allen) Greatest Feats

I read in a comic where he saves a bunch of people from a collapsing building and then runs to a library and reads everything about construction and rebuilds the apartment before the cops even showed up

That was a fairly recent feat. (Flash #2 from the post Flash Rebirth/ Brightest day run)

Barry’s greatest feat was saving the universe from the Anti-Monitor’s anti-matter cannon.
Sadly that was also the feat that cost him his life.

The fact is, most of his post-Rebirth feats have been orchestrated in a sort of whatever Wally can do, Barry can do better game.

Wally saves a flight attendant who was sucked out of a hole in a plane…
Barry saves a group of people thrown out of a plane as well as a deadly toxin.

Wally rebuilds an entire bridge between Central and Keystone cities,
Barry rebuilds apartment buildings and such and even retrieves children’s lost toys and delivers pizzas.

Wally mainlines the speed force and can use it to steal speed, create his costume and pause time…
Barry’s accident created the speed force which grows exponentially throughout time.

Wally can stop time and move through the world in pause-button mode…
Barry can do that and “see” every possible variation of cause and effect from his actions

Wally can travel through time without a cosmic treadmill…
Barry can not only vibrate himself through solid objects but also anything he touches without causing anything to explode.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t like or respect Barry. Pre-Crisis, he was the greatest. However, much of what writers have him do now is a direct reaction to the fact that Wally had already done so much in his own career as the scarlet speedster.