The Flash: Official Discussion Thread (SPOILERS!)

“I can fix things. I can SAVE people.”

:zap: The week of The Flash movie premier is finally upon us! :zap:

Follow Barry Allen as he sets off on his biggest stunt yet — racing through time to save the lives of loved ones lost. Teaming up with Batman and Supergirl, he’ll be quick to learn that high ambitions don’t always make for a happy ending.

Can this super-speedster truly erase the pain of the past all by himself? Only time will tell!


Zip into theaters JUNE 16TH to catch the official Flash premier!

Once you’ve seen the movie, dash back here to discuss it with fellow fans! We’ll be talking all things Flash all week long!

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Rewatched the last trailer today in anticipation! :muscle:

Every time Michael Keaton says THE LINE, I get a little chill.


It is expected to open at around 75 million dollars. Low estimates are around 60 million and high are 90 million.


Oh boy! It’s gonna be hard not clicking into this thread before going to theaters. I’m also going to have to maybe avoid YouTube. I’ve already been spoiled with ATSV (before seeing it), and Transformers the moment I log in. :man_facepalming: :smiling_face_with_tear:


This is for spoilers, right? Because I saw it last week and I’m dying to talk about it!

Ok - first of all I loved it. Full of surprises (I went in as blind as possible but had seen the first couple of trailers). The story was fun and familiar but still unpredictable, the cameos were fantastic though it did feel weird seeing so many of the ZSJL characters so long after that era of DCEU felt put to bed. Seeing Wonder Woman, Ben Affleck as Batman, Aquaman and of course The Flash was weird and having them fight Zod from Man of Steel - it brought back nostalgia for an era that wasn’t that long ago. But it also felt like a fitting end for those characters and that era, or at least an understanding that other versions of those characters can and do exist.

There are LOT of Easter Eggs in this. Peep the V for Vendetta poster in Barry Allen’s room in one scene as my favorite!

The Multiverse scenes with all the different versions of the characters over the years was fantastic. There was something for everyone in that and it was fun to see them all and to realize how many versions of the characters already exist and how many more are still possible. This movie sets it up nicely that, at any point in James Gunn’s Gods & Monsters, any version of these characters can appear at any time. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman interacting with John Wesley Shipp’s Flash and Adam West’s Batman - possible! George Clooney’s Batman fighting Jared Leto’s Joker? Possible! Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze attacking Aquaman? Possible! I love that and really enjoyed those parts of the movie.

I thought Ezra Miller did a great job. I know they are problematic in real life but in this movie they were great and owned the movie from beginning to end.

I wish the final scene had variations. One screening has Ben Affleck, one has George Clooney, one has Val Kilmer, one has Michael Keaton, one has Christian Bale, one has Robert Pattinson…that would be very fun to see a different version depending on which screening you were at. Much like the movie Clue had different endings back in the day.

Overall I really enjoyed this movie, I’m seeing it for a second time tonight at the Fan First Premiere and will be seeing it a third time this weekend with a friend of mine. Looking forward to discussing it with y’all!


Full spoilers! Let’s get into it!

Definitely agree here–even with all the inside knowledge I had going into it, I was still really surprised by a lot of elements. Loved to see it.

Also agree with this! I think it was a bit strange at first, but considering the many overlapping elements of any mutliverse movie, it can kind of be explained away in this regard. That being said, cameos are fun, so it’s clear the movie was leaning heavily into them.

This was SUCH a cool element of the movie, that I really did not expect to take such a front seat. Of course, there was bound to be heavy crossovers and ties with older elements of the DC Universe, but seeing so many old characters actually gave me chills (in a good way!). Plus, can we take a moment to appreciate the Nick Cage cameo??? Huge smile on my face.

I agree–Ezra does a very solid job at embodying Barry Allen.

This was such a great way to close the movie. The first version I saw actually only showed the suited foot stepping out of the car–but it would be cool if all those versions were out there. Can’t wait to see how folks react!

All in all, a really wonderful movie experience. Seeing '89 Bats doing his thing, as well as seeing Kara don her suit just made me happy to be a comics fan. What were some of your favorite lines @FelixLeiter? My favorites were the the whacky non-sequiturs (I lost it at the “come on Barbie” line)–couldn’t get enough of that vibe! :thumbs_up_batman:


Sasha Calle was FANTASTIC! Her version of Supergirl cannot end with this film. She owned every scene she was in and was both cool and badass at all times. Loved her take on the character and the suit was :fire:!

I forgot about the Nick Cage scene but YES! That made me smile like a Jack-o-Lantern for sure. Seeing that come to life on the screen with him fighting the giant spider - so cool and so rewarding for fans that are plugged in to stuff like that. I’m sure a lot of people will be baffled by that but I loved it.

I think my favorite cameo of those was seeing George Reeves’ Superman and Adam West’s Batman. To see the men that brought those characters to life for so many people around the world be remembered in this film was awesome.

It is weird to you that The Flash TV show was not acknowledged? Superman & Lois wasn’t acknowledged? I thought we’d see Dean Cain and/or Grant Gustin in there - and maybe they were and I missed them. I’ll look again tonight!

Also felt weird, in hindsight, that the Nolan films weren’t referenced in any way. Beyond that, though, I loved the Multiverse scenes the most and could watch them again and again on a loop.


Yeah, this was sooo cool to see.

I kinda thought it was odd too. I didn’t watch all of the show, but there was that one crossover between TV and movie Flash, right? Maybe the writers/directors thought that was good enough–but I personally think the show deserved a reference in the movie.

Agreed here as well…even it was in a lighthearted way (like commenting on his grumbly voice), it’s surprising it never happened.


Because that is my thing, not little Brucie’s thing.


I’m going to see the final version of the film at the Fan Event in a few hours (which includes the ending that apparently many of the preview screenings, and definitely the CinemaCon theater people (and therefore presumably good ol’ Tom Cruise and those other folks) have been raving about was missing. I’ll do a non-spoiler review when I get back or more likely tomorrow! And I’ll take a look at the comments so far, but we should probably be using the SPOILER text like so XNXNXN, no?


This is a spoiler thread, so no blurs necessary! :slight_smile:



I’m at the Fan First Premier now and they have a QR code for links to many movie GIFs you can download - like that one.


Just finished watching it and I gotta say I loved all of it.

18 year old Barry stole the show for me. The only thing I gotta say is I was super bummed we didn’t get to see more Supergirl. She was soooo badass and it’s sad to think that might be the last time we see Sasha Calle play the character because she did such a good job. Overall, amazing movie


i finished watching the flash movie like an hour ago and i have like 7 thoughts that i need to get out of my system (i have them in my notes app)

batman is dramatic as ■■■■

the water outside of wayne manor is rendered horribly it looks too smooth and not real at all

seeing ben affleck as bruce wayne on the big screen awakened something in me

other barry is so precious help me



kara, is so hot. why not more woman. why. woman nice. more woman.

okay thank u bye


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My favorite is showcase number 4 the flash which came way before my time but its the flashes first and i enjoy it


Deadline reports that the good scenario is a 160 million worldwide opening.


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Why is Michael Shannon trashing his own movie like that?


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