The fans formerly of DC

So today I’ve seen alot of fans really turn their back on DC (mainly WB) because of questionable decision making and the idea that if they aren’t going to care about us we won’t care about them. As my profile picture tells I’m a basketball fan so in my mind what’s happening right now is a Lakers 2013-mid 2017 situation. Where the top people are making awful decisions that hurt the team and anger the fanbase, and the only reason things changed is because top people had to go in order to make better decisions. So to drag on a simple question do you think things can be turned around or is this whirlwind of negativity consistently be here?

I’m hoping things turn around. The sad thing is it feels like I’m constantly hoping. Whenever they make idiotic decisions, I try to find some silver lining, but we shouldn’t have to be reaching for reasons why these terrible decisions make sense.


Interesting. Speaking from personal experience working with many different communities across multiple platforms and softwares, I feel my heart embiggened multiple times a day by a perception of the overwhelming positivity and kindness I see on DC Universe. Negativity will always happen because that is the spectrum of humanity, but I have not found it in a high disproportion here compared to some other experiences I’ve had.

Bear in mind that WB and DC have been partnered in some capacity for ~40 years, if I’m not mistaken. Guards change, tastes change. Many people truly adore DC in all its incarnations and aren’t afraid to show it. Conversely, there are fans that will always prefer the “old ways” (die-hard Keaton Batman fan right here).

I encourage you to try a looking at comments through a different lens and experiment with a worldview where there are people who are happy with what they are reading, watching, playing. The negative is out there, but the positive is, too.


Well said!