The Evolution of Vixen

From the jungles of Africa to the concrete jungles of America, Vixen has prowled two worlds, as both a woman and an animal-powered superhero. She’s always ready for action, and her powers make her as unpredictable as her namesake. So there’s no telling where she’ll appear next!

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Vixen is one of those characters who is criminally underused, despite her many appearances. Do you have a favorite Vixen appearance? Where else should Vixen appear next? Let us know in the comments below!


My favorite appearance is in her only solo series, Return of the Lion. I loved reading a fierce, beautiful, determined, intrepid, DC character who is female, African, and has most of her story told in Africa. Her character can tell stories from a perspective that no one else can, and face & overcome challenges that no one else has.

I read her issue in Rebirth. It was good, but it took place in the US, and didn’t have the unique feel that Return of the Lion had. It’s great to see her in animation and TV, but I need more.

First, I want to see her have another solo comic series. Second, I want to see her in film in the DCEU.


Seeing Black Panther win so many awards at the Oscars the other night shows there is a great need and desire for more stories like this. I’d be there in a heartbeat!


Justice League Unlimited is where Vixen made an impression on me.

Her time in the 2006-2011 Justice League of America ongoing further cemented my interest in her as did the Return of the Lion mini.

She had a solid run in the Rebirth JLA too. Can’t forget the CW Seed series either, that was a humdinger.


Am I a fan of Vixen? I’m the biggest fan of Vixen.


She’s also a cool playable character in the INJUSTICE 2 videogame!

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