The Evolution of DOOM PATROL's Cyborg

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We have a gem to share with you this week, this time delving deeply into the background of a well-known character many of you asked about during the first season of Titans. Now, having seen him in Young Justice: Outsiders, and, with its recent premiere, Doom Patrol, we invite you to dig a little deeper into what’s made Cyborg who he is, as the character we both know, and love.

Have a favorite version of Cyborg? Be sure to let us know!
(Psst, mine is Smallville’s! ^_^)

In the meantime, to learn a bit more about Cyborg’s evolution, take a look at the article here: The Evolution of DOOM PATROL's Cyborg (or find it by going straight to News Section)!


I’m REALLY liking Doom Patrol’s Cyborg. Performance, costume, personality, and the way he’s fitting into the cast as a rookie who has to take the lead. And I hope he’s not linked to a Motherbox; I much prefer the origin where he’s rebuilt by his dad.


This is Gold from Doom Parol keep it going

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I got into the Titans from the animated series, which caused me to pick up a trade of the Johns New Teen Titans comics, and ultimately lead me to the Wolfman/Perez New Teen Titans comics. Initially, I connected with Cyborg because of body image issues I always grapple with. As I got to know the character of Victor Stone, I began to understand my own feelings of overcoming ones personal issues.
Victor is my hero because he perseveres.


Thanks so much for sharing your feelings on Doom Patrol, as well as Cyborg as a whole :slight_smile:

Loved hearing about your background on how you became interested in him, @michaelmccullough; it’s wonderful to see how well we can end up relating to certain characters, and how they, through their own backstories, can ultimately end up helping us and our own development in unexpected, but very beneficial ways :slight_smile:

Hey speaking of Smallville, any chance of it coming to DC Universe?

We have to be mindful of contractual agreements, etc. so I can’t make promises for anything, but, that said, we’ve been encouraging people to share their requests for titles so we can get a better feel for what the community desires to see, so I’ll certainly let them know you’re interested, @jsteph67; Smallville’s certainly a highly requested one :slight_smile: