The Evolution of Black Lightning: Why Black Lightning Matters

He was DC’s first African American headliner and has a successful show alongside Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and more on the CW. He’s fought alongside Batman and served as the Secretary of Education under Lex Luthor. Jefferson Pierce, AKA Black Lightning, has a long and fascinating history within the DC Universe.

Find the full article detailing his story by following the link below, or finding it in the News section of DC Universe:

Given that February is Black History Month, how do you feel Jefferson Pierce’s role in society as a teacher, and Black Lightning’s role as a black superhero in an otherwise white superhero population, makes a difference for comic readers?
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I think the Jefferson Pierce (Black Lighting) plays a huge role in the black community as well as D.C . For huge fans of DC he brings the aspect of American Black Culture and the struggle of Education in Black America to crime in urban areas and poverty. He also set a path for black readers that staying strong mentally, education and believing in yourself is the only path you have to follow no one else’s.


Being a Silver Age guy, I’ve been a fan of Black Lightning since the DC Explosion and have endured his hardships along with him during the DC implosion. I was even more disappointed when he refused League membership than when Metamorpho Says No! It was good to see him in the Outsiders. And yes The CW show is awesome and it’s great to see him on DC Universe’ Young Justice: Outsiders. Why, because of what Mr.Spaceman said, he completes the circle of some of the friends I grew up with, some of the Brothers I served and fought with. And it was really good to see that he made it to the Justice League, albeit briefly, in Young Justice: Outsiders.


I see what u did there

It would really be cool to introduce some of the heroes and villains from Milestone. Hardware, Blood Syndicate, Icon, Rocket, Static. In any of the DC live action series.