The Essential Workers of the DC Universe

Let’s face it: it’s a dangerous world right now, and we all sure could use a hero to save the day. But in the DC Universe and out, people like us are putting themselves on the line to make sure peace, stability, and personal growth prevails – not just now, in our time of greatest need, but every day. Heroism doesn’t just mean battling Super-Villains; it’s doing whatever is within your capacity to ensure a better tomorrow.

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Then, come back here and tell us how have you been inspired by the heroes in your community in the comments below!


My wife is a nurse & these kinds of post always make me happy to see people supporting them!


TIL that Huntress was a teacher and even Wonder Woman has worked in fast food.

I feel like Barry Allen could fit on this list. Law enforcement are certainly essential employees. One of the reasons The Flash is one of my favorite heroes is because he helps people 24/7, in his fulltime job and as a superhero.

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The compassion, bravery and strength of the health care workers is something I pray won’t be forgotten once we’ve made it through this. And the generosity of the volunteers who are taking risks to support the vulnerable in their communities. It reminds me of the amazing good that people can accomplish. Gives me hope and makes me feel better about life when media and comment sections too often paint the world as catty and divided or hateful at every turn.

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