The Destruction of Krypton

What are everyone’s theories on The Circle’s and Rogol Zaar’s involvement in the destruction of Krypton? (Supergirl and Superman ongoings)

It is getting apparent that the Circle is guilty of something by now. But what?

Was Gandelo’s rage at the destruction of Krypton an act? Was Gandelo really working with Rogol, or is Gandelo just afraid that Supergirl’s investigation will accidentally dig up the true sins of the Circle?

Is Rogol lying altogether about his involvement?

My personal feeling at this point is that the Circle’s true dark past is maintaining their position of power by holding other civilizations back through the history. They were not as a group directly involved in Krypton’s destruction, but their previous relationship with Rogol has left a trail of unwelcome breadcrumbs leading to their door which might now uncover their dirty laundry.

My current gut feeling is also that Rogol went rogue with one person of the circle and that Appa Ali Apsa figured out but preferred to keep silent when Gendalo pressed him about the events to keep the Circle from collapsing. Believing there was a greater good in letting the destruction of one planet be forgotten so that the Circle’s control of the universe could keep maintaining order.

I believe Rogal Zarr thinks he destroyed Krypton but in reality it just blew up naturally like it’s supposed to. If not then was Jor El wrong in his predictions and just got lucky that someone destroyed Krypton anyway. I think Bendis’s intent is for us to accept that Zarr did it but once he’s off Superman I’m sure DC will change it back.