:superman: The Death of Superman: Where Were You in '92? :superman:

When I lived in South Korea, I only found irl DC comics books in Seoul. Outside of that city, you had to go digital.


My parents hadn’t even met yet


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I thought what Jurgens did to bring back Doomsday was predictable, more so due to the art - Jonathan Samuel was just drawn with expressions and given dialogue that made it difficult to figure out what age he was supposed to be; it might have actually made for a better story if it was set shortly after Jon got back from Earth 3 and before Bendis dragged him off again into the future, because the dialogue (and the conversations) might have worked better if he were older, and particularly the concerns Jon raises about being targeted himself, etc.

I thought the other stories were a bit better but I would have liked the Guardian and Cadamus wanting to take the bodies to be more developed, as opposed to being some sort of cut scene in the existing storyline - especially since we all know how that turned out. I like the way Guardian was written in those days and, other than Young Justice, DC hasn’t done much with him (beyond confusing Jimmy Olson with this character on TV). Overall, I’m glad someone else paid for this and I did not, but still got to read it. It’s honestly a bit hard to discuss this special without spoiling it for others; I do think people should read it and check it out, I just was not the intended audience and I’m not at all sure this is meant for, much less targeted at, new readers interested in Superman.

That all said, I’m always happy when DC is paying attention to Superman.