The Day The Clown Cry

Almost 31 years ago next month, I remember coming home from school, Batman the animated series will be on at 4:30p.m. saw the preview a day earlier, that it’ll be a Joker episode, I was so excited to finally see the Joker.
It’s 4:30pm, Batman The Animated Series was showing their new episode, “Joker’s Favor.”
As I felt bad for Charlie Collins, there was another interesting character, Joker’s henchgirl. Her name was Harley Quinn.

I thought she was a interesting character and was hoping to see her again, thankfully we do as a series continue, we see her best moment episodes like ‘Harley & Ivy,’ ‘Harlequinade’ ‘Harley’s Holiday’ and ‘Mad Love.’
Arleen Sorkin did incredible job making Harley a popular character to this day!
When reading a comic book if Harley is talking, I can hear her voice.

A couple of years ago I made a Minecraft of Harley Quinn from Batman the Animated Series.
Today is the day that the clown crys again. First we lost Kevin Conroy, and now we lose Arleen Sorkin.
While it was Bruce Timm & Paul Dini who brought us Harley, it was Arleen Sorkin who gave her the voice and personality, to me she’s Harley Quinn’s mother. :harley_hv_5:

Arleen Sorkin


I cannot help but tear up now with her moment with Batman and the dress.