The Dark Knight Video Game That Never Was

If you’re like me after Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight came out, you were just itching for the video game adaptation we all heard what is in the works that inevitably never happened. I bought The game adaptation for Batman Begins and I played it through a few times. It wasn’t a perfect game, but it was so much fun to play anyway. I couldn’t wait to see what they could’ve done using this version of the Joker, especially since they got the movie actors to do the voice work for the games they were producing.

I’d like to think that the work that was already done by the time they scrapped this game laid the groundwork for the Arkham games that were incredible, and are the benchmark for any future Batman games, possibly any superhero games in General. But I cannot help but think what we missed out on. For me, specifically the scene using the echolocation lenses, fighting the Joker’s henchmen and Gotham swat teams would have been an amazing game level. I was picturing that while watching movie in the first place. What sticks out for you as something we definitely missed out on with no video game adaptation for The Dark Knight?

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I loved the tumbler levels.

The Dark Knight unfortunately came out a year too early to pick up the Arkham combat system. However, the Dark Knight Rises came out after the first two Arkham games so it could’ve been the first fantastic Superhero game based on a movie if they used the new system.