The Dark Knight Returns movies

Just finished watching again, The Dark Knight Returns movies. WOW! They were great. Seeing it twice made me catch some things that I missed before. I wonder if they’re gonna try to make The Dark Knight Strikes Again into a movie as well. Does anybody know if it’s been talked about? Thanks.

Seeing as the Dark Knight Strikes Again is considered awful by most people, I can’t see WB investing money into an adaption any time soon.

“considered awful by most people” WHAT!!? Both films were great. It was dark, violent and went almost exactly by the comic series. I hope they do.

@teflonrobg he meant the dark knight strikes again not the dark knight returns


I’m not taking about the Dark Knight Returns. The comic and movies were great. I’m talking about the comic’s sequel, the Dark Knight Strikes Agains, which most people don’t think is good.

Oh, okay. How about the prequel to the series, The Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade?

I like the part of that one where he drinks from the wrong grail and ages into a skeleton.


Incidentally, “he chose poorly” perfectly describes a number of people working at DC Comics.

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I’d be interested in seeing The Dark Knight Strikes Again and DK III be adapted into animation at some point.

I don’t think The Last Crusade prelude has enough weight for an entire movie, but it could work as a flashback segment sandwiched into an appropriate point in a sequel.

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