The CWverse

The CW has a new “Comics come to life on The CW” trailer for its superhero shows, and it seems like the Arrowverse has officially been dubbed The CWverse.

The interesting thing is the 6 shows, 1 world, 1 universe tagline. So does this finally mean Black Lightning will crossover with the other shows? And is it hinting towards the Crisis crossover eliminating the multiverse?


I can feel the hype from here! :heart_eyes:

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Great trailer.

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I like Arrowverse better and that’s what I think the majority will continue to call it.


I know I will, Chad22

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I am sure Black Lightning will probably crossover. It is as inevitable as it was for Supergirl.

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Bigger the better.

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So they announced Brandon Routh would put on the Superman cape for the crossover… am I the only person who thinks that they’ll use this event to reset the cinematic universe too?

I really hope so.

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I already refer to it as CWVerse. Once Flash made it to a third season, it became larger in scope than just Arrow.


This was lovely:

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Just announced: Burt Ward is going to be part of Crisis on Infinite Earths. :flushed:

Getting better all the time!

Burt Ward? Hell yes! Even if he’s not playing Dick Grayson, that’s still an amazing get!

I’m still holding out hope we get Dean Cain back in the suit wearing the S, but I can’t complain with having Routh wear the suit once more and getting Tyler Hoechlin coming back. I never thought we’d be getting Crisis much less all these characters in a crossover.

It doesn’t surprise me. CWVERSE and Flash in particular has done a nice job at bringing back actors from previous incarnations.
Barry’s father played Barry in the 90’s Flash series as well as playing Jay Garrick. The woman in charge of Mercury Labs was also the female lead in the 90’s Flash series and Mark Hamill reprised his role as the original Trickster, as did the woman who played Prank as the estranged wife of the original Trickster.

Is it that much of a surprise that Helen Slater plays Eliza Danvers, Supergirl’s adopted mother.

“I am sure Black Lightning will probably crossover. It is as inevitable as it was for Supergirl.”

This is not an accurate belief.

Black Lightning’s creators/Showrunners, Salim and Mara Brock Akil, have repeatedly stated that they have zero interest in Black Lightning existing as part of the Arrowverse, whereas Supergirl was specifically designed by Ali Adler and Greg Berlanti to potentially exist alongside Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow through the existence of the Multiverse.

I wish Black Lightning would crossover with some show. It could use the boost. It started off strong but the pacing has been horrendous. An hour long episode feels like a slog to get through…except when Tobias is on.

I was under the impression that Black Lightning was its own universe and once it found its footing, Flash et al could eventually cross the dimensional barrier and another crossover adventure would thus ensue.

While we didn’t see the Monitor at BL’s season finale, it doesn’t mean it won’t be part of the event.

Isn’t the problem that Black Lightning is filmed so far away from the other shows? Still, I kind of expect him to show up in Crisis on Infinite Earths. After all, they are getting a lot of actors from past DC movies/shows involved, so it would be weird for them not to try to somehow include an actor that they already have available for filming.

As I said, Salim and Mara Brock Akil do not want Black Lightning to be part of the Arrowverse and have maintained this stance every single time someone has asked them about the possibility of a crossover.

The only way BL will ever cross over with the Arrowverse is if the Akils leave the series.


Things i want to see during Crisis

  • Tom Welling being Superman
  • Titans and Doom Patrol having one scene, maybe help Oliver beat up some thugs
  • David Mazouz’s Batman appearing
  • Lucier( Tom Ellis) and Constantine having a moment
  • Helen Slater being Supergirl
  • Dean and Sam Winchester having a moment cool with Oliver Queen
  • Some character from TDK Trilogy to appear, maybe Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Robin.
  • Ezra Miller’s Flash appearing, imagine him, Barry Allen from Earth 1. Barry Allen from Earth -90. Jay Garrick all being in one scen

Most of this wont happen of course, just me being a huge fan and wanting Crisis to be as epic as possible

I think it’s possible BL could be put in the same universe and no crossovers need happen.

Although, I wouldn’t mind a Gambi/Flash/Supergirl moment where it’s Gambi saying “you stay the hell away from us, if we need you we’ll call you and we’re not we’re not gonna call you.”