The CW has renewed the Arrowverse + Batgirl

The CW has officially renewed the Arrowverse for the 2019-20 broadcasting season and picked up the pilot for Batwoman ahead of the 2018 May Upfronts.



Well, that’s neat. Glad to hear it.

I wonder when Arrow will end


If Supernatural is any indication the Arrowverse shows might go on to have like 20 seasons each

I don’t follow Supernatural, but I did catch the animated episode which was genius.

I’d love to see one of the CW shows do a Filmation or Hanna Barbera style episode like that.

I found the renewals of 10 shows, including Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and Black Lightning, but no decisions on new shows like Batwoman. I wouldn’t bet against it. Well, this pretty much means the televised version of Crisis on Infinite Earths is a go. I always wanted even a splits second Izombie crossover.

@Redhood.55520 Steven Ammell (sorry I probably spelled it wrong) said in an interview somewhere he thought he would leave after season 8… but Tom Welling made similar claims all the time when Smallville was on and well… 10 seasons.

I am just glad Legends of Tomorrow is good to go, I know that show has been the struggling one of them all but damn it is SO GOOD.