At the time I’m writing this, I had just finished the episode where they break into the Ant Farm. At this point in this show, I have to ask-why does the Bureau of Normalcy exist?

I’m not talking about their origin. I understand they started as the Bureau of Oddities and they just wanted to research the unknown, only to change their mission around WW1. I actually understand that pretty well.

I’m asking how can this institution exist in a world where the Justice League exists and is very well admired and respected by the common people. Even though he isn’t a part of the JL, people really seem to admire Cyborg. How can an institution, an organization that is a part of the federal US government and is apparently self-regulating (“Hair Patrol”), justify it’s existence and purpose in a world where the odd is generally accepted?

I get why they have the B.O.N. in this show, it matches well with the themes. And I’m not sure if this is an organization straight from the comics, I haven’t really read Doom Patrol comics before. I just think they could have done something that makes just a little more sense. Why not have ARGUS? They have a history of butting heads and coming into conflict with superheroes like Superman and Batman. They could have been an organization that secretly seeks out people like the Doom Patrol-metahumans and others that aren’t as well known-so they could study and weaponize them. Sure, they might not have a mission that states their sole purpose is to eradicate the abnormal, but it would be more interesting than the B.O.N. that only wants to eradicate meta humans. Plus, having a fairly well known institution like Argus would help bring in a little more attention from the mainstream.

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Now that you mention it, it reminds me a little of the FBI under J Edgar Hoover. Based on what I understand, he had an unusual degree of independence and authority, and the FBI was like his own personal fiefdom that he used to harass and persecute his personal enemies and prejudices (and he was a weird dude, so he had weird enemies, like Dr. Martin Luther King). Hoover probably would have loved to head the BON.

Aside from the cop-out answer that it fits the narrative, and the Bureau is based on the Men from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. - see

I believe the Justice League is sort of an extra-terrestrial vigilante group. They legitimize themselves occasionally, but there are still plenty of in-universe folks who don’t trust a bunch of aliens and people wearing costumes to interfere with their lives. They can’t make the Bureau stop because what are they going to do, go in and kill everyone? This is a United States authorized government agency. Even if the JL were aware of their activities, their hands are probably tied due to the backlash that would occur if they were to meddle in this. In the court of public opinion, the Bureau protects them from unknown threats with metaphysical powers. It looks real good on paper.