The BTAS Movies are worth watching

I wanted to call attention to 4 movies from the BTAS-verse that are available on DCU and worth watching for anyone who either hasn’t seen them, or it’s been a while.

  • Batman: Mask of the Phantasm - Nothing really needs to be said. Everyone knows how good this movie is; it’s a classic. Watch it if you haven’t.
  • Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero - This one is leaving the service soon, so please do watch it. This is the most like an episode of BTAS compared to the other movies. It’s a direct sequel to Heart of Ice (a classic BTAS episode). I don’t think it’s as good as that, but if you just look at it s an hour long BTAS episode it’s well worth watching.
  • Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker - This is sort of a conclusion to the Batman Beyond series. I’d recommend for that reason alone. Otherwise it’s a good film in terms of just being a good hour-plus like Joker episode that spans BTAS and Batman Beyond. It also gives a lot of information on the relationships between the Bat family.
  • Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman - I enjoyed this one a lot. More than the other films this one feels like it fits in the DCAU universe as much, if not more, than the BTAS universe if that makes sense. It has the feel of a DCAU film in a lot of ways, while still being connected to the series. I thought this was surprisingly good and I’d gladly rewatch in the future.

Ok, so there’s some quick reviews. Please discuss :slight_smile:


No one has opinions on this films? :disappointed:


I think that’s because everyone agrees with you tbf. Love the BTAS movies!


MOTP is just…yeah.


Batman films are awesome!!

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Love to see Subzero getting some love, it really does a great job making you sympathize with freeze and almost want him to save his wife, but at the same you don’t because of who would be sacrificed in the process. Great flick didn’t know it was leaving the service thanks for letting me know; ill watch it again now!


Glad to help @brettvonklock.39703. I think watching Subzero after watching Heart of Ice is a good way to go. But I didn’t do it that way, so what do I know :stuck_out_tongue:

Have watched all of them some more than once really like them all.

Why wouldn’t they be?

Mystery Of The Batwoman is by far the best one out of them though, for many reasons.

One being Bruce Wayne not having a clue of what’s going on.

Another that Kelly Ripa is voicing one of the characters.

Mask Of The Phantasm follows behind

Then the other two.