The Best Iteration of the Justice League

Since first appearing in 1960, the Justice League has gone through many changes, both on and off the page. With members ranging from Superman to Booster Gold, and creators from Grant Morrison to Kieth Giffen, the League has evolved and morphed in many ways. So what was your favorite. Whether it’s the dysfunctional JLI, or the massive event that was Grant Morrison’s JLA or the League from the Detroit era, which one speaks to you the most?

Personally, I like the JLI, but I’m also a fan of the team from the animated series, which has pretty much been translated to the comic pages under Scott Snyder.


There’ been alot of great Justice League schtuff over the past 59 years, but the Morrison and Johns runs are the best IMO.

Good writing, great characters and adventures. Full of fun all around.


I’m enjoying JLA, but Zauriel is dead weight. I gotta go with the Timmverse team, if only because Hawkgirl got a chance to be so :muscle:


The DCAU JL is easily the best non-comic material the league’s been in.

It introduced me to many characters I previously wasn’t familiar with but have since become a big fan of.


Justice League Unlimited.
By far.

I love Justice League Unlimited’s massive roster, so I have to go with them.

Second choice is definitely JLI, though.

You asked three questions, so you’re going to get three answers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Which is the Best? Objectively, I think the Grant Morrison JLA earned this honor, by re-establishing the group as the greatest heroes of all time.

Which is my Favorite? The Mark Waid books - JLA Year One and Tower of Babel are my two favorite JL stories of all time.

Which Speaks to me the Most? Gotta go with the Satellite Era since it was the most formative for me. Those old books still bring the feels.


Justice Leaguers Unlimited for sure


JLI for me.
Especially the first three years.

Giffen’s version’s the best. Mainly because, it didn’t have all the heavy hitters. In all seriousness, how many problems require the combined might of Flash, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman? A roster with more than one of those is incredibly over powered.

Sure, Darkseid requires that roster or maybe an alien invasion. But then, you’re looking at an event that’s worthy of a DC-wide crossover.

Personally, I thought Morrison’s run was over the top.

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JLU is top of the heap! That is what the JL should be like. Getting the right heroes for a particular mission. And exposure to so many DCU characters.

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OK, this seems as good a place to ask this question as any: I’m genuinely curious what people like about Morrison’s JLA. I found it rather repetitive, with a distinct majority of arcs (other than the one with the Key and the one with Prometheus) being a big, scary alien invasion of some sort. The plots felt very basic and there wasn’t a whole lot of character development. Plus, some of the major stories seemed to have some weird holes (Why does breaking the Philosopher’s Stone let Darkseid take over Earth? Why was most of the World War III arc spent on turning everyone on Earth into superhumans when Maggedon is defeated by Superman blowing up the inside of it?) that are pretty major things to miss.

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It’s tough, but I have to say Scott Snyder’s Justice League.

The lineup is essentially a combination of the iconic animated series and New 52 lineups, and the setup of the Hall of Justice and the involvement of several satellite teams are the icing on the cake.

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I agree with @VengeanceNightBatman
The New Justice series including Dark and Odyssey is amazing!
Does anyone think we will get to see any of the new comic series on the app soon?

Totally agreee with Harley333 The Justice League International was one of the best written and best drawn eras of the Justice League.