The Batman Who Laughs - More Info

So, I’m done with Dark Knights Metal. What do I have to read and in what order in order to get not of TBWL. I know he has his solo series, appeared in Batman/Superman, etc. But what are all the stories he is in and what order should I read them in? I’m guessing that I should read Hell Arisen last, right?

While I’m at it, how big of a role does he really have in this whole Lex Luthor/Perpetua/Year of the Villain stuff? And how did Lex become part Martian?


He’s in JL vol 4. (2018). Drowned Earth crossover has events from Metals aftermath in it. JL vol 4 #8-#10, Aquaman #41,(2018), Titans #28, both (2016) is the year on site. JL/Aquaman Drowned Earth #1, JL #11, Aquaman #42 (2016), JL #12 (2018), Aquaman//JL Drowned Earth #1. Also, issues #8-#12 Graveyard of Gods JL vol 4 (2018).