The Batman’s Riddler

Over the past few years, we’ve seen different takes on Edward Nashton aka Edward Nygma. From Jim Carrey’s obsessive persona, to the Arkhamverse’s deadly genius, and a proven intellectual on the tv series, Gotham.

The Riddler within The Batman film is being labeled as a “horror” movie type villain and is determined to make a statement for Gotham City with his various puzzles. What are your thoughts for our main villain next year?


I think “horror” Riddler would be interesting, because I feel like it would be more realistic. I mean, if he did commit crimes and leave riddles as clues, that’s pretty similar to how serial killers IRL leave a calling card or have a style pattern at the crime scene. And to be honest, I don’t see a flashy glammed out Riddler fitting in on a world that is similar to ours and as dark and gritty as this movie’s universe, so I think it would be interesting to see what how a character such as the Riddler would look like if he were to exist in our world.


Pothead Scarecrow on Titans, horror Riddler on The Batman, I’m here for it, why not, it’s something new.


I like Frank Gorshin’s Riddler better. Guess I’ll have to put that out of my mind. Don’t forget The Batman (2004) took a huge risk of their Riddler version…