The Batman 2 Delayed!

It has been recently revealed that the Batman 2 has been delayed a whole year! I think it’s becase James gun has to move it so another movie mayeb (brave and the bold) can take up its space


I’d say it’s more likely a result of the writers’ and actors’ strikes from last year delaying pre-production for months. I suppose something could end up taking its place on the release schedule, but I’m not holding my breath on that


The strike is the most likely the reason it was delayed.

I will admit though…I wonder if this delay ends up crafting a whole nee story that differs from the original plan for the sequel


It should not be the actors’ strike. It is probably that they decided their plot was not good enough and need to rewrite it.

I certainly hope not. I suppose small changes are to be expected, though it’s not like we’ll be able to tell what those are upon release. But as far as the overall story, I wouldn’t wanna see Reeves stray from his original vision just because the movie needs more time. Of course we still don’t know exactly what that’ll be, but after the 1st movie I definitely trust that his plan for the sequel will be the right one


This makes me sad. :cry:

We knew there would be a The Batman 2 long before we knew that there would be a James Gunn Superman movie. But the Superman movie is now filming and there’s no shooting script ready to go with the Batman. Don’t know what’s going on but if Reeves was taking it in a direction that WB just couldn’t accept, they’d have probably replaced him by now. And Reeves showed a good grasp of what makes the character tick in the first film, so seems unlikely that the holdup is tremendous debate over what he wants for the sequel


My guess is WB wants to fire him but know if they do it will make their target audience mad. First film had plenty of production issues, so I am not worried about more.

They are giving it a release date, though. When they were bickering with The Rock, Black Adam disappeared off the schedule altogether for awhile. The Batman had to go out of its way to become a $200 movie. Reeves approach to Batman would easily allow for a sequel that costs 50 million less, so I’d say it’s more likely that WB is crazy about him.
But whatever the cause for the delay, it ISN’T that the strikes prevented a script from being done by now…

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Now you have me worried the date is just a lie for damage control.

Here is to it being a 50 million dollar film that dominates the box office with glowing reviews in 2026.

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