The awesomeness of the imagination of comic books have given us

I’ve been reading, watching and collecting comic books. This has always been a good thing to focus on in my life and I think comics will always be in my life.


Comic books are great and infinitely fascinating in a myriad of ways. No matter the publisher or subject matter, the medium truly has something for everyone.

Those that scoff at comics are missing out while the rest of us get the picture and feast on a unending sumptuous repast of tremendousness.


Comics really are a great medium with which to tell stories. There’s really no limit to what can be told in them. From paintings eating cities to a suburban dad just trying to be a superhero (and that was just one writer!), the sky’s really the limit. Or rather, the Multiverse’s the limit.

I’ve been knocked off site for 2 months. All I could access was comic section on Apple TV. Read so many amazing comics & runs. Batman no mans land highly suggested. I concur with your post. Comics can take u places in your imagination like nothing else. I agree that I’ll always truly, fully, enjoy them.