💥 💥 The Absolute Power Discussion Thread (SPOILERS) 💥 💥

:sparkles: :fireworks: Free Comic Book Day 2024 :fireworks: :sparkles: is nearly here :partying_face: and with it, the arrival of this sure-to-be smashingly entertaining read:

Whether you get the above at a comic store, on DCUI, Kindle and/or elsewhere (and remember, its :sparkles: FREE :sparkles:), the march toward Absolute Power begins on May 4th!

…and yes, the march to Absolute Power has been building for a while, sure, but as far as books bearing the Absolute Power branding are concerned, its begins on May 4th. So, there. :nerd_face:

Moving on, check these swell covers out:

Absolute Power: Ground Zero #1 (on-sale June 25th)

Absolute Power #1 (on-sale July 3rd)

Absolute Power: Task Force VII #1 (on-sale July 10th)

Absolute Power: Origins #1 (on-sale July 24th)

Superman #16 (on-sale July 17th)

Are you looking forward to Absolute Power?

Will you be checking out the free Absolute Power mag on Free Comic Book Day?

What do you think will come after Absolute Power (the return of the Justice League? :man_shrugging:t2:)?


yes to all.

What do you think will come *after
some people say a reboot.
I know the else world line with scott will be coming.


Cool beans!

Will you reading the FCBD mag when it drops on DCUI, Kindle and elsewhere (I know I’m staying up late)?

“Some people”, you say?

Is one of them Bibbo?


Do we know what ever happened to the whole “30 years in the making” stuff this event got teased with? What in this book is gonna be 30 years in the making?


Shrugs, Homer-style.

Shrugs, Homer-style, once more.

Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll be good, as I doubt Waid and Mora will disappoint.

SN: Cool avatar, BTW. Cass rocks.



Near mint condition says he knows someone who knows all the goings on he said it twice now.


I agree mark wont let us down. cass does rock.


I think in dark crises they were talking about the great darkness from alan mores swamp thing but as for this event I don’t know?


I also don’t think he would make it up as his whole channel is just look at this book I bought.
he said it while he was showing off his new finds.


The main thing I’m wondering is how would this series get collected in an absolute edition? Absolute Absolute Power???


“Malkovich, Malkovich?” :man_shrugging:t2:

I could see “Absolute Absolute Power” being a thing…or it could be “Absolute Mark Waid and Dan Mora’s Absolute Power”…which is a bit wordy and doesn’t have the kicky panache that “Absolute Absolute Power” does.

IDK. Maybe someone from DC’s Collected Editions wing is reading the thread and, upon reading your post, thought “We’re wondering the same thing, man.”


In pre flashpoint, Mark Waid wrote Midsummer’s Nightmare which relaunched the justice league. Covers for absolute power have the same 7 members as Midsummer’s Nightmare. Absolute Power is pretty much a justice league story with Amazo army as the villains, with Failsafe as the main mastermind, with classic justice league villain professor ivo probably helping against Failsafe. Professor Ivo and Amazo were in the 3rd justice league story so both are from the earliest days of the silver age. The story can easily work without Amanda Waller and Brainiac or the brainiac queen, and using brainiac queen is probably just a set up for the next brainiac event after House Of Brainiac.


Read the FCBD ish after it dropped early on DCUI last night (i.e. Friday) and it was pretty darn good.

I’ll probably buy Absolute Power as it comes out, since I’m sufficiently intrigued to see where it goes…and since I more or less sat out Lazarus Planet, Knight Terrors and Beast World due to a lack of interest in them (their Superman-based tie-ins being the exception, natch), I’d like to jump in the 'ol event saddle again and follow a big summer event as it rolls out to retail.

Anyhow, I was quite intrigued by this Dylan Moore/Haywire fellah and would like to know more about him…assuming there’s more to learn and he wasn’t making his debut in today’s mag.

Edit: Upon doing a smooch of research, it looks like Haywire was in World’s Finest: Teen Titans. Looks like its time to finally read that mag.


I had trouble finding this so I’m posting it here.

I also enjoyed it though it was short. I can’t wait for more.



Are you onboard for everything Absolute Power (tie-ins and all), or just the main/core series?


All I think,or at least most after all there are some heroes I don’t care about. superman and batman family stuff will be on my list wonder women not so much.


As of now, I’m onboard for the whole shebang. I’m especially interested in the Task Force VII mini.

Zatanna guest-starring in Superman is also of great interest.

“But why?”

Not a fan of King’s run?


Yeah but also because I know king is gonna do a story where she has always had ptsd I feel this will be the time he picks to do it. I can feel it in my bones.

Do you the failsafe and waller are gonna get together? she has always had a thing for batman.


I doubt it.

Being that Absolute Power appears to be about Waller’s dream of a metahuman-free world come true, I don’t think she’s going to indulge in romance of any kind, when that’s time that can be spent pursuing her end goal.


Pity failsafe is the only batman that would ever take a liking to her and I’m sure he won’t be around after this she should take the chance to indulge.
Also the comic said she was a widow there are only a few reasons for pointing that out.
to say she is available and to give her a sob story.