The 9 Most #Relatable Silver Age Covers

They say that art imitates life. For a mid-century youth growing up in a disillusioned, post-war America, it could oftentimes be difficult to find a cultural voice that spoke to one’s own unique experience of ennui and uncertainty in an ever-changing world. But, luckily, as they were then as they are now, DC Comics provided the perspective and sympathetic voice needed, its greatest heroes echoing the deepest, truest sentiments of their times.

Check out nine of the best examples of silver age comics in today’s news article!

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The most important life lessons one can learn from a DC Silver Age cover is to never take the ridiculous and absurd lightly. Lurking around the next corner could be a pre-historic dino-gorilla with the mad munchies who is on his way to babysit a tyrant infant king from the future who has already enslaved teens and snowmen. God, I love DC Silver Age comics!