The 52 Book Club: Week Twenty-Three

Hello and welcome to the 52 Book Club, where each week we’re reading an issue of the acclaimed series in celebration of its 15th anniversary!

So this week we’re reading issue #23, written by the usual gang of Grant Morrison, Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka and Mark Waid, with art breakdowns by Keith Giffen and finishes by Drew Johnson. This also features a Secret Origins back-up for Wildcat written by Mark Waid and drawn by Jerry Ordway.

Take a trip down to Oolong Island—home of quite literally the maddest scientists in the DC Universe. But why have they all been abducted…and what secret project are they working on?

LINK: 52 #23

So let me know what you think down below! If you’re just joining us, you can catch up by checking out the hashtag #52-book-club!