The 52 Book Club: Week Thirty-Five

Hello and welcome to the 52 Book Club, where every week we look at an issue of the critically acclaimed maxi-series in celebration of it’s 15th anniversary.

This week we’ll be reading issue #35, written by the Usual Suspects of Mark Waid, Grant Morrison, Geoff Johns and Greg Rucka, with breakdowns by Keith Giffen and finishes by Dan Jurgens and Phil Jimenez.

Rain of the Supermen! Lex Luthor finally reveals his true colors! As the members of Infinity Inc. and Supernova desperately try to quell the devastation and destruction stemming from the villain’s vile act, Natasha Irons makes her own startling discovery!

LINK: 52 #35

If you’re just joining us or need to catch up, you can follow us on the hashtag #52-book-club.

Looking forward to discussing this issue with you all. :slight_smile:

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It’s about time Natasha realized Luthor is no good! I hope she is able to get proof and expose him. I honestly would like the space story with Starfire, Animal Man, and Adam Strange much more if Lobo wasn’t involved. I know he is a popular character, but I have never liked him much.

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As we await weeks 36 and soon 37, 52 # 35 seems to be a slightly longer story than usual with no backup feature, although not a whole lot happens except the New Year’s special and the Lobo reveal.

I kind of like the way that the Son of Plastic Man is presented. I strongly suspect he is no longer part of DC Canon.

The big reveal seems like it should make sense, although I can’t figure out in the background how all this was discussed in arranged between Lobo and the other party, or how Lobo would have known that our three DC heroes would show up at his doorstep like that.

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@Jay_Kay ready for next 15?

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Yeah, while I get that Natasha is a teen who’s been given power beyond her wildest imagination, you would think it wouldn’t take this long for her to realize Luthor be sketchy as hell. But hey, at least she’s on the right side now.

I hear that – I’ve never been too terribly into Lobo as a main character, but I think he can be effective in team situations like this.

He certainly hasn’t been seen in a while, but with the DC omniverse the way it is now, if a writer has a way to bring him back, they can probably make it work.