The 52 Book Club: Week Forty-Five

Hello and welcome to the 52 Book Club where we read an issue of the acclaimed series to celebrate its 15th anniversary!

This week we’ll be reading issue 45, written by Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid and Geoff Johns, with art breakdowns by Keith Giffen and finishes by Chris Batista and Jamal Igle.

A week of death and destruction as Black Adam begins his strike back against those who unleashed the Four Horsemen upon his home and family. As the heroes of the world plan a course of action, Black Adam battles Death!

LINK: 52 #45

Looking forward to discussing this one with you. :slight_smile:


Sad to see Bialya go so quickly, they were an entertaining foil for the odd ball humorous Justice League International in the late 80s / early '90s.


“Bialya, My Bialya.”

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