The 52 Book Club: Week Five

Hello and welcome to the fifth week of the 52 Book Club!

First off, sorry for not posting this yesterday. I would like to say I had a proper excuse, but…I just forgot. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, let’s get into gear and talk about issue five of this acclaimed weekly series!

Heroes missing in space return, but in a condition that threatens their very lives. What’s left of the superhero community attempts to help these comrades, while mourning those who didn’t make it back—but are they gone or just lost? Find out in Week 5 of the INFINITE CRISIS aftermath series!

Link for it can found here: DC UNIVERSE INFINITE

Let us know what you think of this issue down below! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the DC Community summer Ghost Town

The metagene storyline really helps to pick things up and widen the scale of this event. It has certainly been an enjoyable read up to this point, but it was also running the risk of being little more than a bunch of tiny stories about tertiary DC heroes, and I don’t know if the writers could have sustained everyone’s interest in that for a whole year.

Unfortunately, the Zeta Beam bit doesn’t really work for me. We get the story in after-the-fact exposition, so it doesn’t have much impact, despite Alan Scott’s best monologuing efforts. It just feels like DC writers/editors again treating minor characters horribly, as was the frequent trend at the time. It will continue to be a problem in later issues.

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I don’t remember these comics “reading” so quickly, this is like a New 52 comic.

The gibberish about “52 is coming” reminds me of the nonsensical piled on / never rationally resolved “mysteries” of Lost or later the Leftovers (or the 3 season Under the Dome TV series). The entertainment value is more in how humans respond to unsolvable mystery and tragedy more than what the actual story of the mystery is.

I think it’s nice Adam was willing to share his eyes with others for a while.

The Starfire appearance reminds me that’ll I’ll have to keep HBO Max for a little while longer so I can see the new Titans season in August.

I’ll have to check when Doom Patrol and the Green Lantern series are due to come in. Maybe I’ll just start subscribing when my favorite series come in, I’m thinking I can do that.


Definitely – the idea of Luthor making super-powers for potentially everyone is an intriguing one. While different, it feels evocative of Kingdom Come, where the problem was all these super-powered people with some of them not respecting it as much as others.

Yeah, I wasn’t sure how much of that was something we would have already known from Infinite Crisis, but I can see that. And yeah, what happened to some of these guys was pretty gnarly. What we see with Mal Duncan stood out to me partly because of his recent role in The Other History of the DC Universe – just another example of Mal getting messed up by the superhero game, I guess.

True – I feel like that’s the case even for more effective mysteries. Even if the plot is meticulously thought out and executed flawlessly, does it really matter if you don’t care about who’s involved?

Huh, at first I thought he just plain lost his eyes, but now that you mention it, I guess they do imply the eye that Alan Scott has is Adam’s, right? Y I K E S. I’m curious to see how that’s resolved, but moreover, I’m curious as to why they’re just letting him fumble around like that with no eyes.

Yeah, I remember really liking the Starfire from this series – honestly, I think this was one of the last pretty solid takes on her for a while.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, both of you! :slight_smile: