The 2007 DC Countdown to the Final Crisis event.

I have been going through my comic collection trying to find all the books in this event. I did not store them all in the same place, so it is taking a while to find them all, and pull them out.

I have already filled one half-box, and a half of another half-box, so far, and still not done finding issued for this massive event.

Does anyone know if there is a list of all the titles and issue numbers that connect to this event?


Have you tried checking Comicbook Herald?

@TheDemonEtrigan, no, can’t say as I have. I did not know of that place. I was wondering if Comic Collector Live was still around though. Just checked and see that it is still around. I wonder if I can find my password. Turns out I could. Not sure if they will have the info I am looking for, but it might be worth a try. They are more of a place to by back issues and such.

Just took a look at Comicbook Herald, and was promptly annoyed by the adds and left. I hate in your face advertising on web sites, especially animations and video ads, just too blasted distracting and annoying.

Thanks for trying though.


Gritting my teeth (not literally) I put up with the ads to check into Comicbook Herald, and I see that they have several DC crossover events listed, but not Countdown to Final Crisis. It has 52, and Final Crisis, but not the middle event between the two. They also do not give a detailed breakdown of the books in the crossover event, but instead link to Amazon where you can buy trade paperbacks and such.

It was worth a try, but not what I was looking for. So the search goes on.


I’d go for Comic Collector Live. That was my go to when piecing things together.

@Vroom, yes, I did check into the site some, to re-familiarize myself to that place. I had not been there since I stopped collecting comics back in early 2008. My password still worked though, when I was finally able to find it.

I may purchase their software, that might help find the issues I need, if my old database still works in the new program. I will have to ask about that before buying the program though. If I remember right, it took a couple months to enter all my comics into that old database, and I am not going to do that again any time soon.