The 1991 Justice Society of America mini-series

I was perusing assorted titles in the Comics section and came across the above mentioned title.

I’ve known of this series for a long time but have never read it. For anyone familiar with this mini, what’d you think of it?


Never read it. Thought it was the one with the mike parobek art, but never even seen this one. Gonna put it on the ever growin list

Decent writing, but man, that art is fantastic! We lost such an amazing artist when Parobeck passed.

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Yeah, im thinkin of the justice society series that musta followed this mini. They just got back from roy thomas’ “you cant use the golden age heroes theyre mine!” trap in armageddon armada(?), that capt atom/ monarch thing…

His simplicity was beautiful. The old less lines the better art style, clean, and to the point. Nuthin wasted

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I really enjoyed it and the JSA in the ‘50s is a rarity to see.

The Black Canary issue was my favorite.
I liked how the story felt grounded making the fantastic sci-fi elements seem all the more exotic.


A bit of trivia-

The 1991 JSA mini-series was a fluke of sorts.
At the time, DC had acquired the rights to use the Archie super-heroes and they had gathered the creative teams together, but they had some time to kill before production could begin.
To keep the artists busy in the meantime, a ‘throwaway’ JSA mini-series was devised.

The characters had been in limbo for a while by this time and DC really didn’t expect it to sell more than to diehard fans.

But it surprisingly did much better than expected and an ongoing series was put on the schedule.

The ongoing series, featuring art by Parobeck, was popular with readers but the head of DC at the time again didn’t care much for the characters or the art and had the book cancelled and the team promptly killed off in Zero Hour.

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I did read that mini-series. I do not recall that story as well as I once did, but I believe I enjoyed it overall, but I found some elements of the story disappointing. This is probably true of almost everything I read or see though. I am a tough critic.

Still, it was the JSA, and I like most of the characters of the JSA. It was always a rare treat, back in the 1970s, to run into an Earth 2 crossover story, or comic books of Earth 2 heroes and their stories. And later, after Crisis of Infinite Earths mucked everything up, I still liked JSA stories. Maybe even more than some of the JLA stories, at times anyway (some JLA teams were less worthy of reading than others, in my opinion - and some were just too goofy for me).

If I had not read the 1991 JSA stories, I would have them on my reading list now. However, I remember enough of the story that I am focused on things that I have not read more at this time. I am re-reading a few things though, now and then, so I might get back to this mini-series at some point, to refresh my memory.


I read this when it came out. I was one of those kids who was eating up all the Post-Crisis reinventions. Atlantis Chronicles, Emerald Dawn, Hawkworld… they were all great.

Then DC threw out this gem of a miniseries, and I thought, “Awesome. Here’s my chance to really dig into some old school characters, without hunting down decades of old comics.”

But no. The Image Revolution happened, Marvel flooded the market, and everything got super violent. Superman died; Batman was laid out; Green Lantern killed hundreds of people and went insane. Not cool.

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LeonardoMyst beat me to the punch… the series was indeed a creative stopgap for the creators involved, as they couldn’t start working on the Impact! titles yet. It was a surprise success and led to the JSA’s return the following year (in Armageddon Inferno, I believe).

And, yes, I enjoyed it at the time. It’s a good old-fashioned adventure. The JSA is never a bad thing to have around the DCU.

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I liked the 1992 series a lot and hope it gets added here. But this one I thought was only a decent read.

I had forgotten about the 1992 series. Assuming since it isn’t here it isn’t part of the digital archive. But it would be cool if it founds it’s way on here someday.

Right it’s not on comixology so it won’t come here unless they decide to do a digital release.

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@.50710 Hopefully when Star Girl comes out and becomes the megga hit it is sure to be (I think positive on this one) it will increase interest in the JSA and more stuff like that will get digitized.