That Elseworlds Stinger

“Fall 2019 - Crisis on Infinite Earths”

Annnnnd I’m spent. :slight_smile:

Gonna be a long year…


Looong wait!

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Holy cow! Cannot believe we’re getting Crisis on Infinite Earths. What does that mean? I’m thinking Black Lightning and the potential Batwoman series will be involved, plus Legends, so it could be an epic six-episode event! :heart_eyes:

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Lowkey not confident they could pull off an event that big.

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I’m not expecting a true adaption. They obviously can’t do that. But it’ll be interesting to see if they do the actors in different versions of their characters, and to see if they bring in any other actors from tv or movie versions. Could you imagine having The Arrowverse Superman along side Welling and Routh as Superman!? Or possible Lynda Carter as a version of Wonder Woman? Or getting Keaton to cameo as Batman? There are incredible possibilities for that crossover!

I’ll be happy even if it’s just the Arrowverse and maybe Black Lightning and Kyrpton if it leads to a major reboot/shake up and everythin merged together now now as the CW Verse instead of Arrowverse

In the comics The Flash and Supergirl die… that’s two shows that still have a few seasons left. Arrow would be in its 8th season and it is slowly running out of stories… Oliver will sacrifice himself to save Barry and Kara. The episode pretty much painted that picture. Especially his dialogue at the end when he toasted Barry