That Black Label Life: Week Thirteen (05/06/2020)


Just one more of these “Weekly Check-Ins” next week and then…NEW BOOKS!!!

What are you most excited to pick back up through Black Label?

What are you most excited to pick back up through DC in general?

Any other comics you’re excited to get back into?

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I can’t wait for another issue of Wonder Woman: Dead Earth. I have high hopes for Strange Adventures. I’m struggling with Criminal Sanity, but seeing it’s going to more than just three books I’m expecting it to get a lot better. I absolutely love the Hillhouse books! I’m looking forward to all the super creepy stuff to come from Plunge and I’m excited for Basket Full of Heads. Basket Full of Heads has been A LOT of fun!!! The Low, Low Woods is finally starting to make sense, so I’m looking forward to that!!!

As far as DC in general goes…
I miss the antics of Harley Quinn in her series and was. Joker War is going to be AMASING!!! I’m hoping to see Harley in a serious more heroic role in that one as well, so having Harley in Joker War makes me SUPER excited!!! And now we have Punchline. I hope the possibilities between Punchline and Harley aren’t wasted.

Outside of DC I really want my Rat Queens back! And I miss Deadly Class! Those are my two most anticipated stories every month. Killing Red Sonja had just started and I was excited for that.

I’m just looking forward to things beginning to get back to normal.

I am jonesing for Wonder Woman: Dead Earth myself. I’m hoping she starts using Batman’s utility belt she copped off his corpse in issue #1. I’ve been filling the time with Comic Cavalcade. Really liking the original Wonder Woman adventures.

I really love Adam Strange and have high hopes for the run. Was a little disappointed that Tom King wrote in Adam getting the Congressional Medal of Honor. That should have been the Presidential Medal of Freedom or the Congressional Gold Medal. Those are the appropriate civilian medals, Unless I missed the part where Adam served in the U.S. military.

I don’t usually go for murder mystery / serial killer genres but Kami Garcia’s writing style makes Criminal Minds very intriguing for me and and the artists make it look almost photo realistic.

Really digging the Hill House Comics, too. I’m really liking June and her first kill (head) is kinda growing on me as well. (The yellow raincoat also reminds me of Stephen King’s Creep Show “Thanks for the ride lady.”) Love Dollhouse, reminds me of Dark Shadows meets Twilight Zone . Haven’t read Daphne Burns or Plunge yet, but I’m thinking I’ll like 'em. Low, Low Woods is kind of weird for me, haven’t quite figured out what’s going on yet. I like Sea Dogs, I wish it was it’s own comic though. Love the art on all of them.

I’m kinda (really) getting into Harley right now (her animated series is awesome) so I’m looking forward to Joker War with her in it. I’m hoping for a Harley/Punchline crossover (or better yet a team-up against Joker). I picked up Punchline’s debut comic right before it sky rocketed to a $50-$75 collector item.

Other than Black Label I’ve been reading a lot of Teen Titans and Flash omnibus’ and binging the DC Library’s mini-series’ and Elseworlds.