Thank you

I remember for years after it was cancelled, myself and many others started or were part of “Bring back Young Justice” pages all over social media. While the ones that I was a part of always held true to that goal, they evolved more into a place where dc fans could share crazy theories and just speak freely and comfortably. I remember when season 3 was announced we were all happy and most of the pages were closed. After some time however that feeling of happiness became more bittersweet. Living in a place without many comic readers I felt like I had lost a place where I could talk about something that I really cared about. Thats why when the community aspect of the app was revealed I was so excited. And after a couple hours of reading through threads I can say that im not disapointed. Sorry for the dramatic backstory. I just wanted to say thanks to all those people who shared their thoughts then and to those sharing them here now.


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