Thank You for Voting to Help DC Daily Win 30 Telly Awards!

Wow, everyone!

DC Universe was the superhero of the night at the 40th Annual Telly Awards, a celebration of excellence in video and television across screens big and small. Five different DCU programs picked up a total of 30 different awards, a Mogo-sized haul for sure! Below is a list of our shows that won big. Congratulations to all winners in the DC Universe family, and thank you all so much for voting to help make it happen!

Bringing Back Young Justice
5 awards, including 2 Golds in the People’s Choice awards in separate categories.

DC Universe Presents
9 awards, including 1 gold for Branded Content: General Entertainment and 1 silver People’s Choice.

DC Daily
4 awards, including 1 silver and 3 bronze.

DC’s New Frontier
3 awards, including 1 silver People’s Choice.

To find the episodes that won, check out our News section for all the links you can click to your heart’s content!


Thank YOU for providing an outstanding service worthy of the outstanding DC brand.

A round of Duffs for all you fine folks when the time comes :wink:


This is awesome!


That’s awesome!


Hooray! All of them totally earned & deserved by far! Thanks! Looking forward to all of the continued Super Awesomeness! :woman_superhero:


What was the 5th show?
I’m assuming it had 9 awards?

@LeonardoMyst, it was for the Kevin Smith promotional stream that pre-empted the launch of DC Universe. We kept our shout-outs and deep affection here to the DC Daily shows that have premiered since launch, but we definitely appreciated and enjoyed the promotional stream!


Thanks @Applejack!
I couldn’t find a list of all the winners and the video on Telly’s website wouldn’t load for me.

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I voted! Congrats. Great site… love all its content. Looking forward to Swamp Thing