Loving the Terrifics series so far, it’s a fun read with a unique team. The team dynamic is fun and bringing Tom Strong in the main DC Universe is a nice way to bring years worth of stories to the mainstream. For all this which haven’t read any of the books yet, highly suggest it.


I’m enjoying as well but way behind because I’m reading the Terrifics in the Walmart hundred page giant Superman.

Great fun book. It should be the rule and not the exception for current DC fare.

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I agree about the appearance of Tom Strong! I His series was awesome! The fact that he is now in the DC universe does that mean the Golden Age heroes that were occasionally in his title like Black Terror and so on are also DC now?

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I’d assume but we’ll have to see if they’re mentioned or ever used

Fantastic series (terrific even). My second favorite New Age book after The Immortal Men.


Might be a broken record, but Terrifics is the best thing going! Absolutely loved the last panel of #10!

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