Telltale was bought, could a Wolf Among Us 2 game still happen?

I saw that Telltale Games was bought, don’t know much about the details but read they still have the license for Wolf Among Us and I think Batman also. Maybe Wolf Among Us 2 and Batman 3 from Telltale could be in the cards after all.


Well those are the games featured on their website so it could happen. But I don’t think any of the same people work for the new Telltale. And a sequel with totally different writers is often a bad idea.

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In the article announcing Telltale’s revival is was implied that both Wolf Among Us and Batman would be coming back, as they still had the rights.

They’ll likely be coming back, but I don’t expect them to be as good. Any returning people would be freelance, and ex-employees won’t want that.

Yeah I heard this new and I’m excited. I was dying for wolf2 and now it could come back. Also Batman 3 is just a nice bonus. I hope the do try to bring a form of TellTale back. I loved those games.


A Wolf Among Us was their best work and probably the most underrated. The Walking Dead and Batman was meh.

I really hope A Wold Among Us 2 happens.


I NEED Batman Season 3!

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