Tell it to the Titans

As I’m sitting here at my computer, I’m considering doing something I haven’t done in years. Re-watch a television season straight through while that show is still in production. That show, of course, is TITANS.

Simply put, the show leaves me conflicted.

This just isn’t the show I’d want the Titans characters being in. Seriously, this would have started out something else, some other TV project, with different characters, some similar to their Titan counterpart, some maybe not so much. But then somebody had a dream where one of those dissimilar characters becomes BEAST BOY turning into a tiger in a Best Buy-- no ad intended-- and somebody else yelled, “This could be a show about DC’s TITANS!” And then the DOOM PATROL matched up a lot better, and almost everybody saw TITANS where once there had been something else.

So, yea, not necessarily the TITANS I’d’ve wanted.

I still watched every episode every Friday after retail hell. I don’t do live TV. I watch when I want. Conflicted, but faithful.

I think I’ve gotten used to the swearing. I’ve almost gotten used to the violence level. Maybe a little more conflict, there. The nudity wasn’t meant as female-only exploitative, so I’m good with that. I’m not at all comfortable with giving Grayson a new partner in one episode and then brutally killing her off in the next one. Powerless Hawk & Dove still doesnt, err, fly for me, but the two actors are strong. Hey, give 'em six episodes of their own! DC Universe mini-series! And wait-- DID Starfire fry a whole trainload of Federal Agents? The oft-complained about limits on BEAST BOY’s transformation abilities doesn’t bother me, but on the other hand, STARFIRE’s power levels are kinda lame.

Actually, all of the actors are strong. The geek-out moments on TITANS are solid. BEAST BOY’s first transformation. Rachel heals a deal, and the hints that’s she’s a RAVEN that destroy-- or maybe save-- the world. Kory’s eyes turning green when she uses her powers, and the finding of her spaceship. ROBIN meets ROBIN. Any scene with Dick and Donna. The magic lasso. ROBOTMAN and NEGATIVE MAN being on film at all. WONDER GIRL. Just… WONDER GIRL. Not so sure about SUPERBOY looking like a Terminator, but still-- KON-EL/SUPERBOY.

Yea. Not the TITANS show I’d wanted. But, conflicted or not, I guess I like it, and I’d watch more. Probably on the premiere day. Hopefully not after retail hell.